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What Time Is it? Summer Time!

6 May

Dear reader,

With summer just around the corner, it’s hard to be productive when all we want to do is sleep past noon and binge watch shows on Netflix. images (3)

images (2)

images (1)

However, by the end of this blog you’ll understand why staying busy and productive during the summer is important.

1.Do things you normally don’t have time to do during the school year.

For example, during the summer I like to catch up on reading because (let’s be honest) nobody has time for that during the semester. download (2)

2.Apply for an internship

A friend applied for a paid summer internship where he was able to gain some experience all while making some extra cash.giphy (1).gif


I volunteered last summer for the Nursing College lab coordinator and I absolutely loved it! I was able to network and meet new people all while being of service to others. tumblr_inline_nzuoew18vL1sbotm6_500

Don’t get me wrong, I know that everyone needs a break to relax and re-charge their batteries but staying productive during the summer is crucial in the long run. Future employers will appreciate that you decided to stay busy during the summer rather than have an ongoing relationship with Netflix.

635897832558561163-1921427926_giphy (3)

Think about it…thinky.w529.h352.jpg

‘Til next time,


#AdventurousApril: Breaking the Routine

19 Apr

Dear reader,

My boyfriend and I LOVE to go out to eat and we actually do it quite frequently. We are both that kind of people who go to the same (franchise) restaurants and order the same dish every time. We like to play it safe. However, in spirit of this month’s blog, I decided to take him to a local restaurant we have never been to before. That’s as adventurous as this gets!

My favorite food in the world is pizza! I can never get enough of it. If I were to choose one food to eat for the rest of my life it would be pizza.tumblr_nwj53aUYuE1rvjvk1o1_500


I had heard many good things about this local pizza place, Serial Grillers, here in town and decided to give it a try.106d1c_8d562784c8b3906d85795fc4b815d6eeIt was probably the best pizza I’ve had yet. We ordered the oh-so-famous Bone Collector and it was to die for! If he wasn’t there to stop me I would’ve probably ate the whole pizza myself.SGrillers

Sometimes getting out of our comfort zones and breaking old habits can be challenging but at the same time very rewarding! Don’t be afraid to try new things!

‘Til next time,


#MiddlingMarch: Indoor Trampoline Enthusiast

28 Mar

Dear reader,

I’ve been living in Tucson for almost 3 years now and I had never been to the oh-so-famous Get Air indoor trampoline park. Midterms have been rough this semester (to say the least) and I just really wanted to let go of all the tension and stress I have been experiencing.Alice 6


On top of that, my family was also visiting that week so it was a perfect opportunity to go.

I went in thinking I would most likely be trampled by a crowd of children or lose my pants in the jumping pit, but none of that happened. I actually had a really good time, and as a bonus, I was sore the next day from all the running and jumping. It’s actually a really good workout!foam-cubes

We ended up going on a Wednesday night which was perfect because we had the whole park to ourselves. It was my two younger brothers and my boyfriend who truly enjoyed themselves. I was content with just jumping around but they were making a competition out of everything, which was actually fun to see.


Nevertheless, I really enjoyed myself and it was the stress relief I desperately needed. Sometimes all we need is to act like a kid again to recenter ourselves and get ready for the daily grind again!

‘Til next time,


#FearlessFebruary: Yoga Novice

29 Feb

Dear reader,

This month we were instructed to do something out of our comfort zone so, I decided to go to a yoga class. Taking a yoga class is out of my comfort zone for 2 main reasons;

1). I am the least flexible human being on this planettumblr_mk6qnqbwc91rqml7ao2_250                                                                  (expectation)

Touch your Toes(reality)

2). I can’t stay still for too long.


I attended yoga class this past weekend and it was far from what I was expecting. The instructor was very kind and made me feel very comfortable (even if she was touching my body in order to show me the correct form I should be in). Naturally, I was a bit rusty since this was my first yoga class ever but, I enjoyed it very much. Yoga helped me relax by working on my breath technique and performing stretches and poses that released all of the tension in my body.


Trying new things can be scary at times but that’s what makes life interesting. If you’ve never attended a yoga class…I HIGHLY recommend it!


‘Til next time,


The Simple Things That Count

12 Feb

Dear reader,

Many people’s first interpretation of the word “volunteer”  is often associated with big groups/associations and long hours.


However, little did you know that volunteering simply means helping someone who needs it.

  • Volunteer (n): a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking. (


I have done my share of volunteer work and it is a refreshing experience. Helping someone is one of the most rewarding feelings I have ever experienced. I can honestly say that these experiences have helped me become the person I am today.

I have volunteered for the SILC lab over at the Nursing college helping the lab coordinator prepare packets for the students. I offered to help her because she had mentioned to me that she had been very busy for the last couple of days and was behind schedule.

giphy (1)

Another time I volunteered was when I helped the Guerrero Center serve food during their AROMAS event. They were a bit under-staffed and so I offered my help in order to get the assembly line moving smoothly again. The center’s director couldn’t stop thanking me and it was very heart warming.

Lastly, I offered to take a friend to his oncology appointments and keep him company. Health issues are obviously a very difficult thing to deal with on your own and he has no family up here. He kept telling me that I didn’t need to, but I could see it in his face that he was glad someone was there to help him get through the doctor visits.


Volunteering can come in many shapes and forms. You don’t need to be a part of an organization or club in order to do so. Remember, it’s the little things that count too.

‘Til next time,


#JumpstartJanuary: Hiking endeavor

2 Feb

Dear reader,

Bad luck has been my close friend this year! In order to remain positive and kick off this spring semester I decided to go on a hike to Tumamoc  with my boyfriend and his overly hyper dog, Aria. I’m hoping this will also serve as motivation for me to start working out.

Before I start talking about the hike, let me describe Aria for you. Aria is an Alaskan Malamute which are known as HUGE dogs. She’s only a year old and already weighs close to 200 lbs. Her size along with her hyper-activeness are not a good match. At only a month and 1/2 old, she bit through her plastic kennel and destroyed everything in her sight. She’s a chewer. I think this hike will be good for her because it will tire her out and if we go often enough, we’ll be able to tolerate her hyperactivity.


Hike Day:

Keep in mind this is my first time doing any sort of physical activity in the last 6 months ( I know…sad). It was definitely a hard task to accomplish and you bet I had to stop quite frequently to catch my breath. My boyfriend and Aria were waaaaaay in front of me, but they were nice enough to wait for me…once in a while. On the bright side, Aria was so tired from the hike that she took a nap when we got home. Nevertheless, it was a lovely afternoon and the city lights along with the sunset were beautiful.


Definitely a nice way to start my semester!

Until next time,


#OutrageousOctober: Table for 1

28 Oct

I recently noticed that I can’t do anything by myself, it terrifies me. I can’t grab food at the union, go to the grocery store, gym, theater, or go out for dinner by myself. I depend too much on people.giphy

For this month I decided that it would be good for me to get out of my comfort zone and go out to eat with me, myself, and I. I decided to treat myself to some Chili’s and it went a little like this.

When arriving, I felt my heart start beating faster and it took me a good 5 minutes to get out of the car.I walked in through the front door and I panicked a little inside. However, the very welcoming hostess walked me to my table and made me feel a little more comfortable. My next fear was looking a lot like Cady from Mean Girls.53a04e21ee01e_-_cos-02-lindsay-lohan-mean-girls-de

Much to my surprise, I had a lovely evening. I didn’t have to pretend to be interested in someone else’s conversation…instead I ate in silence and it was pure bliss. Plus I had a super hot date (photo below).


This experience helped me realize that I have been missing out all because I am afraid of going alone. I learned that sometimes (if not most times) I will have to rely on myself because friends are great and all but, they will not always be there.

My advice to you is to do the one thing that terrifies you the most and I promise you’ll enjoy it in the long run!


#StudiousSeptember: Releasing My Inner Dancer

30 Sep

Dancing has always been a passion of mine but, since I have self-esteem issues I’ve never really pursued/developed this talent. I enjoy dancing because it helps me take the edge off and I’m able to express myself. 

After not dancing for almost three years now, a co-worker of mine was somehow able to convince me to audition for a dance crew. However, I didn’t know what to expect and ended up being completely unprepared. I thought this audition would be about an hour long at the least…BOY was I wrong. I woke up a bit late, so I didn’t have time to eat breakfast. That was my first error. I forgot to get a water bottle, error number two. I decided to wear running shoes to the audition, error number three. Not to mention it took the 62 people who showed up almost three hours to learn the dance. And after that, we still had to audition in smaller groups in front of the judges.

The whole process ran from 1-5pm! By that time I didn’t even care if I made it on the team or not I just wanted to go home to eat and rest. I had blisters on my feet, felt exhausted, and I couldn’t stop thinking about food. 

It comes as no surprise that I did not make the cut. But, it was quite a learning experience. I learned to never wear running shoes to a dance audition, always pack a lunch and water bottle, and to make the best out of every situation. I also learned that I am too hard on myself and I should really be more confident. 

Special thanks and props to Bri for convincing me to get out of bed at 12 pm on a Sunday.


Make Like a Scale and Balance

27 Sep

College is a learning experience in all aspects of life; academically, economically, socially, and physically. The key to being successful in all aspects is to be your own scale.

Many students still haven’t mastered balancing out every aspect, but I will walk you through the process. A big misconception people have about college is illustrated below…This triangle will be your downfall! Don’t follow it! As a freshman, I decided to choose a social life and sleep, resulting in not-so-good grades. I’m going to be brutally honest with you, college is hard and it only gets harder. However, your approach and time-management skills will be your shield to the slings and arrows college sends your way. 

Here’s what you should do:


The biggest battle in college is managing your time wisely. The average student takes about 5 courses a semester which means exams, quizzes, papers, projects, reports, practicals, presentations… the list is endless. My planner is my best friend – I don’t know where I’d be without it. One thing I’ve found to work for me is writing down major exams and assignments ahead of time with weekly reminders of time left until the big exam. I like my old school paper planner, but if you’re more tech savvy then consider using the calendar and reminders on your phone.


Let’s be honest…#thestruggleisreal. I decided one day that I was going to keep good track of where and how I spend my money and the results were shocking! I’ll use last month as an example; I bought iced coffees from Starbucks about 3 times a week, bought lunch twice a week, bought ice cream from U-Mart twice a week, went out to the movies every two weeks, and ate out at least every weekend. My total expenses for that month were well over $200. That’s not including rent, groceries, gas, and bills. It was quite a reality check. Now I pack lunch everyday, I limit my coffee buying to maybe once per week week, and I’m extra careful about my spending. I’ll ask myself, “Do you really need it?” and half the time I decide I don’t.


Many student get caught up with school and work and forget to make time for fun. In one of my classes, I recently learned that as a human being, we NEED constant interaction. A simple “hello” will do. You might think of it as ridiculous and unimportant, but trust me…it truly makes a difference in your mood and outlook for the day. With that in mind, it’s important to schedule social time with a friend to relieve some stress, catch up, vent, anything really. With a busy schedule, I try to meet with a friend for at least 15 minutes a day and even small meetings like that brighten my day. 


“It’s hard enough to schedule assignments/exams, social hour, and now you’re talking about a workout session?!” If you’re feeling overwhelmed, bear with me! Students tend to have terrible sleeping and eating habits all because of the stressors of college. FYI:

  • Pulling “all-nighters” isn’t cool anymore (if it ever was). You should be getting at least 7 hours of sleep. If you’re not, plan/schedule accordingly so you can.
  • Eating a well-balanced meal is the new norm. Having Panda for breakfast is just wrong. Try eating oatmeal, cereal, fruit parfaits, or bagels for breakfast.
  • Netflix all evening is a thing of the past. Get up from that bed and do a physical activity for at least 30 minutes. Take your dog for a walk, go for a run, do some yoga, go to the gym, or simply do a short workout at home. The goal is to get your blood pumping.

At the end of the day we are all human, we make mistakes. It’s totally acceptable if it takes you a few times to master balancing out everything going on in your life. Just remember to keep all of these tips in mind and try to balance it out as best as you can.

Good luck!


#MightyMay: Fancy Schmancy

8 May

This semester has been a complete emotional roller coaster to say the least.


It has been a constant routine of not getting enough sleep, not having enough time to get ‘dolled up’ in the morning, not finding enough time to get everything done in a day, and eating unhealthy food. I even felt like I had no time to hang out with my roommates or friends this semester.



With the semester coming to an end, I decided to throw a small fancy dinner for a couple of friends and I. I informed them it was a strict fancy attire event. Everyone needs to dress up!



I am planning on making: chicken with chipotle cream  accompanied with salad, mashed potatoes, steamed asparagus, and a dessert of lime meringue pie and/or chocolate covered strawberries. It’s going to be great!


Sometimes, you have to break the routine and make a little time to just socialize and be in great company. It’s good for the soul!

giphy (2)