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Quick & Easy Healthy Snacks

10 Jun

I’ve got to say, having such busy weeks I’m always looking for quick and easy snacks. And now that its summer and temperatures are high, nutritious snacks are even more important to keep up with this heat. Now after browsing the internet, I found a variety of recipes that are perfect for summer and taste delicious! Now to share with you are a few snacks I’ve tried myself that take no longer than 10 minutes!


Apple Moons

Just spread apple slices with peanut butter and add granola to the top!


Chicken and Waffles 

Mix chicken salad with some sliced grapes and chopped walnuts. Spoon onto toasted mini whole-wheat waffles.


Pomegranate Slushies 

Blend 1 cup pomegranate juice and 2 tablespoons honey with 3 cups ice until slushy. Pour into glasses and top with more juice.


Matzo Melts

Brush matzo crackers with olive oil and sprinkle with salt, pepper and dried rosemary. Top with sliced turkey and shredded cheddar. Bake 5 minutes at 400 degrees F.

These are just a few of the great snacks I’ve made at home thanks to the Food Network. To see more visit:

Organization Tips and Tricks: Your Keys to Success

17 Aug

Starting of your semester right is one of the most important things you want to do. You want to get in the good habit of being an organized student who doesn’t procrastinate. As simple as that sounds, trust me… it’s hard. It’s so easy to get distracted throughout the semester and get behind in classes. It happens to the best of us. In order have a great first year, there are a couple of things that I recommend. To be fully organized, I advise everyone to have some sort of organizer. For example, purchasing a planner, a calendar, or simply writing down reminders on your phone. Whatever works best for you, as long as there is some method that helps you stay organized.


Personally, I use a planner. That planner is my LIFE. I write out everything in that planner. Anything from homework assignments, to exams, and even meetings. One of the most important things to do when you find your organizational method is to go through your syllabi and start looking for important dates. Exam dates, paper due dates, draft due dates, etc. Those dates are very important to have noted down somewhere ahead of time. That way you know when you need to start preparing for your assignments. Seeing these dates on a calendar really helps you manage your time better and it helps you stay organized easily.


Throughout your first year, you will get to know D2L very well. This is the heart and soul to most of your classes. And what I mean by that is that you will be spending a lot of time on this sit. Most classes here at the UofA use D2L to upload any information you need for the class. This includes things such as your syllabus, grades, and work. My advice with this site is to check it out regularly. Professors will send notifications on D2L and the only way to be ahead of the game is to be prepared and organized.

By simply following these tips, not only will your first semester be great but so will there rest of your undergraduate career! The key to success is finding the methods that work best for you and sticking to them. Good luck and BEAR DOWN!


Dissecting the Course Syllabus

12 Aug

Every class that you will take now until completion of your degree will present a syllabus that holds the answer to most of your inquiries about the course. If you think about it, syllabi are so important that your professors will most of the time dedicate the whole first day of class going over it. But trust me, that syllabus gains more importance as you continue throughout the course.

Whether you are taking Math120R, ENG102, or PSY352, you will notice that the syllabi are going to have a very similar format and should give you roughly the same amount of information about the course as any other.

A typical syllabus usually begins with a course description and expectations a professor may have, which can help you develop an understanding of the material the professor will be going over during the course of the semester and how he or she facilitates their class. In this section, your instructor will also provide a list of required textbooks and additional materials. Additionally, your syllabus will provide you information about when and where your professor’s or TA’s office are and how to contact them if you should have any questions. A grading scale and the total amount of points possible in the class are included in the syllabus as well. Many professors will often even include a day-by-day description for each class session, including due dates and times.

Finally, if you get lost at any point during the semester, reference back to your course syllabus and as always, don’t be afraid to ask questions (even if you think it may be a stupid one).


6 Tips On How to Prepare for College

11 Aug

This blog is one of those things that you actually want to pay attention to. I mean, no one ever wants to start college on the wrong foot, right? We’ve got your back, so read these awesome, life-saving tips on how to mentally prepare yourself to thrive in college.

Get Organized and Try Not to Procrastinate
We all know that in high school we could get away with writing papers last minute or finishing a couple chapters of reading here and there just in time for the pop quiz… but let me tell you, high school and college are completely different. Instructors are not as lenient and they definitely follow the syllabus. So make sure you hold on to that – it’s important! Desire2Learn (D2L) will be your best friend, I promise you that. It is an online portal where professors can post assignments for the entire semester and expect you to be prepared and meet all the deadlines. To be fully organized, I would invest in an organizer, an app, big wall calendar, etc. anything that reminds you and helps you stay on top of your work.

Go To Class
This probably sounds like the silliest tip but trust me going to class will save you from chaos at the end of the semester. Unlike high school, many of your college classes won’t take attendance and that can make going to class seem kind of unnecessary. But it’s so important! There will be a million reasons why you won’t want to show up to class. Trust me I’ve been there. Some of the excuses are “the professor posts everything online, I’ll look at it later.” This is one of the sayings I hear the most and my advice is go to class so you don’t waste that time going through it later, because you won’t. Not until the first exam or paper is looming over you. TIME MANAGEMENT! Don’t waste your time doing things you could have learned directly from your professor in class. Another common reason why students don’t show up to class is because of the time of the class. If you’re  not a morning person, don’t get an 8am class that you’ll never make it to. Planning your schedule according to your preferences is very important. So, if you want a smooth sailin’ semester, GO TO CLASS!

Find How You Study Best
Sometimes I would find myself studying for hours on end and it would not be effective at all. Finding how you study best is very useful to make the most out of your time and have efficient study sessions. Some people like to study in groups, some like to study at home, some like to study with music, some like to highlight the textbook, etc. Personally I like to study alone, aided with study music, at the library, going over notes I took by hand. I have found that this is what works best for me. So find out what works for you and study hard! 

Get Some Sleep
Sleep may become a last priority when you have a million other things to do. Work, class, studying, social life, working out, the list of things to do every day can go on forever. However, you need to find time to make sure you rest. Taking a nap during the day can be helpful and a great way to get more energy! Also lack of sleep can cause more stress, headaches, and be a serious detriment to your health. Try dedicating at least 8 hours a night for sleep. You will not regret it! No one likes to be tired in the morning or unable to focus in class.

Don’t Get Discouraged
Your first year of college could be a huge transition for you all. It is important to stay motivated throughout the academic year despite the obstacles you may face in some of your classes. Sometimes things will not go as you may want them to, and that is okay. Sometimes you will have to adjust and adapt to the changes that may come.  Always remember you are here for a reason. Also keep in mind that tough times do not last but tough people do. You will be tested from all angles in college but as long as you stay focused on your overall goal nothing will stop you from achieving it. Stay prepared, stay motivated, work hard, and BEAR DOWN!

Get Involved
In these next couple of days, you will be meeting and getting to know more people than you could ever imagine. Take a step out of your comfort zone, but most importantly commit to the groups you liked most and learned the most from. College life can get hectic, so find a community on campus or in town that you can call your niche. Joining a community allows you to build a support network that is full of people who can be there for you when you need them. This alone has given me more direction, guidance, and motivation in all aspects of my life. Take a deep breath, don’t worry or panic because you’ll find a home away from home here.

I’ve Got Friends in Low Places

7 Aug

From my high school, only two other people came to the U of A. One was in my grade level, and the other was one year older than me. If you have read the first week experience blog, you probably learned that I was miserable my first week here. Rachel, the girl that was a year older than me, invited me to the first football game. Not having anyone else to go with, I agreed to go with her. That afternoon we met in the Student Union to grab something to eat before heading to the stadium.

As soon as I met up with her I could tell she was not the least bit interested in hanging out with me. She informed me that her other friends were going to meet up with us so we could all go to the game together. Once we were done eating we began walking to the stadium. We swiped our CatCards in to get into the game, and we waited by the concession stands for Rachel’s friends. After about twenty minutes or so of waiting, a girl who lived in my dorm named Mackenzie spotted me asked what I was doing and if I needed people to sit with. A little embarrassed I told her that I was with a girl from my high school, and that I was fine. Even though I felt completely uncomfortable. Mackenzie then gave me her cell phone number and told me if I changed my mind to call her and I could sit with her.

I had seen Mackenzie before in the hallway of my dorm, but I thought she was very different from me and I never tried to engage in conversations with her. In the meantime, after about an hour of waiting and the game already starting Rachel told me she would be right back after she went to the bathroom. After a few minutes I realized Rachel was not coming back. She had ditched me and left me standing there all alone.

All week I had been super sad and just looking for a reason to drop out and move back to my hometown. I had contemplated crying and leaving, but I got it together and made a courageous move to call Mackenzie. When I called her she met me at the bottom of the ZonaZoo section and took me up to where she was sitting with other girls from my dorm. For someone I never saw myself being friends with, we had an awful lot in common.

Before I knew it she became one of my best friends. The next day we were going to get our nails done, and weeks later we were taking road trips to Phoenix together. All semester we were inseparable, doing something together everyday from dinner dates, eyebrow waxes, shopping, Life in Color, or just watching movies together in the dorm.

I will always be thankful that Mackenzie saved me at that horrific football game. And I am thankful I made such a good friend to help me survive my first semester of college. My best advice to all of you is to be open to all kinds of people. Do not judge anyone or think you have nothing in common with someone until you get to know them – just go out there and make friends!


Finals Crunch Time

7 Aug

The last weeks of school were approaching and I had planned to begin studying for finals the second to last week of class. I felt accomplished before the final two weeks. I had my study schedule finalized with set agendas for which chapters I would study each day for each class.

But, I didn’t factor in the several projects and tons of homework that were also on my plate. I also had a job as a tutor at the Think Tank. And can you guess when everyone is most interested in tutoring? During finals. So I was overbooked to accommodate all the finals prep. Plus with close friends graduating and planning weekend farewell celebrations and end-of-the-year celebrations for the clubs I was involved with, my carefully laid plans didn’t work out.

The last two weeks of school were very hectic and I didn’t study nearly as much as I intended. The agendas I had set had too many tasks on them to cover for the small amount of time I had available. I was not adequately prepared for three of my finals and the scores on my exams reflected the lack of preparation.

This experience– regardless of its brutal nature–taught me some valuable lessons for future finals and semester performances in general.

First, in order to ensure optimal performance on finals, make sure to begin studying at least three weeks before the finals begin. Although three weeks may seem too excessive to begin preparing, those three weeks tend to be chaotic and each course has tons of materials for you to review in a short amount of time.

Second, if you are working while studying, request reductions of hours in the weeks leading to the finals if the option is possible. This can help you find more hours to study.

Third, agendas are great and can be helpful to guide you in studying. However, setting reasonable goals for which materials you will cover each day is key to making your study plans successful. This is why allowing yourself three weeks to prepare for the final examinations is crucial.

Finally, you might want to reconsider if attending social functions with friends is a reasonable option. Don’t feel like you can’t have any fun, but no your limits and know when to say no. You don’t need to have a different celebration every. single. day. Hanging out with friends can relieve stress, but the time used can be reallocated to finals studying. Strike a good balance between fun time and study time. You will quickly learn that time becomes a scarce resource during the final weeks!

Best of luck to you all on your first finals here at the University of Arizona!
-Jorge Sanchez

Our First Week

7 Aug

Now, first off let me say that we all know the nerve-racking and butterfly tingly feeling we get in our stomachs when we are about to start off our first day. The first day and week of anything is always scary from preschool, to kindergarten, middle school, high school, college, and a job, but the goal is to get through it with the most positive attitude possible. There have been many milestones to overcome from preschool to high school, and everything in between. We have had our great firsts and our bad firsts, but we should never fail to learn from each experience. I must admit the move to college is a HUGE chapter in your life. You are taking a BIG STEP into adulthood. Having said that, I wish you all the best of luck in college and hope you will take advantage of as many opportunities you can!

My first week at the U of A was honestly a blur. I attended everything, from historically black Greek events and workshops, Black Student Union and African Student Association events, to my academic workshops, to Dorm Hall events, applying for jobs/training, unpacking, etc. but most of all I remember my first week consisted of trying to figure out where all of my classes were located. It was a STRUGGLE. But that’s because, I’m not going to lie to you, but I know I could have been a lot more prepared. Coming from Africa (I literally flew in FOUR days prior to moving in), I was culturally shocked by Arizona and my new “home” so I definitely could summarize my my first day, week and month as trying to get the drift of things and how they worked here at the University of Arizona.

My first week of school was the worst. Before coming to the U of A, I never thought I would get homesick. I had traveled before for weeks at a time without seeing my parents and I had never had any issues. I assumed coming to the U of A I would be just fine. After a week of Bear Down Camp, I was not having it. I was homesick beyond belief and I was ready to drop out of school and move back home. The second week of school was much different for me, though! I got my first job at Forever 21 and joined a student group at the Newman Center. Each day became a little easier. After three weeks or so, I loved being on campus. If you are feeling homesick, know you are never alone. I thought I was the only one missing my family and friends from my hometown. Once I started talking to other people in my dorm, I found out that a lot of others felt how I felt. Don’t be embarrassed if you are homesick – it is common!

My first experience in college was attending New Start, which is a summer program that started just a few weeks after I graduated high school (so it’s very similar to BDSB). It was super chill because we were all new students who wanted to make friends, hang out, and have fun! Of course there were classes and all. But as an incoming freshman, I didn’t feel that they were the priority. There were so many cool events planned and from there I made a group of friends that I could hang out with. This was perfect because I did not know many people coming to the U of A. When I started in the fall, I already had a bunch of friends that I could hang out with during my free time. This definitely made my transition into college much smoother.

Hundreds of students swarming the grass of the mall like ants, the Arizona sun beating onto my sweaty forehead, and a warm Arizona breeze across my face as I searched for my English 101 class at 9 o’clock in the morning – this is what stands out to me as I think back to  my first day of college at the University of Arizona. Searching for classes was the least of my concerns compared to the my first experience in a college lecture with enough seats to fit the graduating class of my high school. It was a huge transition but an amazing experience. Classes weren’t as bad as I thought they would be, the campus wasn’t as confusing as I assumed, and students were more friendly than I expected. I met so many people on the first day of school that I am so happy to call my close friends now. If there is any advice I would give to incoming freshmen, it would be to come prepared to learn, have fun, and Bear Down!!!!

Lupita De Los Santos:
The first thing I remember doing in college was playing with the Pride of Arizona, the University of Arizona’s own marching band. As a band geek, I thought my music days were over and the only way I could keep playing my saxophone was if I decided to minor in music. Well, the Pride proved me wrong. After playing with them at a session, I was hooked on joining the band. The week before school started, I hopped on a train at 4am from Yuma to Tucson all by myself and, for a whole week, I lived and breathed music 24/7.  The work was tiring and exhausting day in and day out. But once the week was over, I could not believe that I had survived band camp. When the first football game of the season came around, we blew the crowd away and it made them cheer even louder for our team to win. College if full of first and each experience can take you somewhere new and unexpected, so don’t be afraid to jump in!

Brenda Zarate:
My first week at the UA was a big blur as well. All I can remember was the amount of people swarming around the school like ants. There were so many people on my way to class, it was overwhelming. I didn’t help that I was lost trying to find my way to class. The only thing that did make that week better were the friends that I came across on my way to class. Doing New Start was probably one of the best decisions I ever made. It made me feel a little less scared and overwhelmed those few days of school.

Vanessa Galarza:
My first experience here on campus was move in day! Yayyy! As I arrived here, I was not too happy that I had decided to bring over my entire house with me. I was excited to see that all of the residence hall staff were ready to help me move in. I went to check in and as soon as I found my dorm, all my things were there waiting for me! I could not believe that they were so friendly and excited to have me. Through out the year, they stayed as friendly and helpful as that first day!

Volunteering in Tucson

30 Jul


One way you can make the most out of your college experience is to volunteer. Whichever field of study you are in, there are always volunteer opportunities available that suit your wants and needs. There are many benefits to volunteering: you can help the community at large, boost your resume, improve your interpersonal skills, etc. It can also be used to try new experiences that you never thought you would be able to. With these experience under your belt, you can find what you are really passionate about and want to pursue as a career. I know volunteering has been a crucial part of my college experience and has shaped me into who I am today.

Since I am a premed student and hoping to attend medical school, I volunteer at Banner University Medical Center. I am currently a volunteer transporter, so my role is to transport patients and various items around the hospital. This allows me to have first-hand experience working in a hospital. I get to work in the environment, have staff and patient interactions, observe patient treatments, and so much more. Not only am I getting great first-hand experiences, but I also get to meet medical staff and network for future purposes. Through my volunteer experience, I found that medicine is truly my passion and what I want to pursue. I know that I am comfortable in a hospital setting and that I would be suitable to work there in the future. Volunteering has helped me reaffirm my purpose in college and my love and motivation during my time here.

Now you know the many benefits of volunteering in college, the only question is how do you find volunteer opportunities. There are many opportunities to volunteer near and around the University of Arizona. You can find these opportunities in many ways such as: personal connections and networks, online research, email lists through your academic department, physical postings, etc. You can also check out the following website to find additional opportunities: Here you can see the opportunities available around Tucson and filter down to your specific interests. Volunteering has done so much for my college experience and I hope it does the same for yours. Find what you’re passionate about and volunteer!


nam2 nam3

The Best of Tucson

30 Jul

Here are some of our  favorite of campus restaurants and local places to go visit in Tucson!

Time Market (Shuvonno approved!)
Address: 444 E. University Boulevard

Phone: (520) 622-0761
Hours: 7am-10pm

Time Market is a place like no other. Imagine a restaurant, deli, and market all in one place, with a great atmosphere and some delicious food. Conveniently located near the University of Arizona (on the southwest corner of University Blvd/3rd Ave), Time Market offers everything from amazing wood-fired pizza, subs, organic produce, freshly baked artisan bread (comes out of the oven around 10am daily), a wide selection of beverages, and also a few must-try breakfast items. One my personal favorites is the Merquez pizza, which is made with mozzarella, red sauce, fresh fennel, mint, lemon zest, and mouth-watering merguez sausage all the way from Ninam Ranch in Rio Vista, California. Open from 7am to 10pm daily, Time Market also offers a chill atmosphere that many fall in love with after their first visit, which makes it a great place for a simple lunch with family and friends, or even a date with someone special.

Check out their menu:


Sparkroot Coffee Bar + Fare (Lupita approved!)
Address: 245 E. Congress Street
Phone: (520) 623-4477
Hours: Mon-Sat – 7am-10pm; Sun 8am-9pm (*Kitchen closes 1 hour prior)

One of my favorite off-campus places to eat, study, and relax is Sparkroot, which is located downtown, across the street from Hotel Congress. In the summer of 2013, a friend and I  found this treasure while walking around downtown. The cafe sparked my curiosity due to its layout and its atmosphere. There is often music playing in the background, the cashiers are friendly (especially to newcomers), and the food is amazing. From outside the café doesn’t appear to have much space, but just as a T.A.R.D.I.S., there is more than meets the eye. I have spent countless hours studying at the large table and stools downstairs. If you’d rather head to a coffee shop for relaxation over productivity, you will find couches on the second floor. If you’re looking for a place to hang out in your free time, then swing by Sparkroot café to enjoy a nice drink. 

Check out their website:


Oregano’s Pizza Bistro (Brenda approved!)
Address: 4900 E. Speedway Boulevard
Phone: (520) 327-8955
Hours: 11am-10pm

One of my favorite Italian restaurants to go is Oregano’s. This is a great place to visit on the weekend with friends, family, or that special someone. Every dish that I have tried there so far has been delicious and for a great price ($). My personal favorites are the deep dish pizzas and the Italian flag lasagna. One of the must try desserts is a pizookie. A pizookie is basically a cookie baked on a 6-inch pizza pan topped with scoops of vanilla bean ice cream. Yummm! I highly recommend this place to anyone!

Check out their website:


Cheesecake Factory (Vanessa approved!)
Address:60 W. Wetmore Road
Phone: (520) 408-0033
Hours: 11am-11pm

This place can get a little busy at times especially near the holidays, so calling ahead to make a reservation is always a good idea! The Cheesecake Factory does not deliver, but you can call in and order for pick up.  I definitely recommend it for special occasions such a date, birthday, graduation, or being a WILDCAT (which we think is always cause for celebration)! But most importantly this place is affordable as well! The Cheesecake Factory can be pleasing to all of your guests due to the fact that they have a variety of foods:  burgers, pasta, seafood, and steak! Oh and did I mention they have dessert too! After dinner, you and your guests can enjoy a walk inside the Tucson Mall with a pleasantly stuffed tummy – the mall is just steps from the restaurant!

Check out their menu and website:


Scented Leaf Tea House + Lounge (Codi approved!)
Address: 943 E. University Boulevard
Phone: (520) 624-2930
Hours: 10am-9pm

My favorite place to go after a long week of classes is Scented Leaf. Scented Leaf has every flavor of tea you could ever think of! Hot or cold, they got it. They have teas on tap, which they can mix with other flavors, such as lemonade, lemons, milk (coconut, soy, almond, skim, half & half, 2%), sweetener, punch, and honey, just to name a few. They offer 50 cent refills on medium drinks, and $1 refills on large drinks. The tea is amazing, and the atmosphere is quiet and peaceful if you need a place to unwind and study. If you are not looking for a place to study, it is still a great place to stop by and walk down University with your friends and family.

Check out their website:


Wings and Rice (Nam approved!)
Address: 5502 E. Pima Street
Phone: (520) 731-3313
Hours: 11am-9pm

Whoa wings.. and rice, what a weird combination. Don’t reject the idea just yet. This place is one of my personal favorite spots in Tucson. It’s about 10 minutes off campus by car, at the corner of Pima and Craycroft. So what do they serve there, besides wings and rice? They serve a variety of foods, from chicken wraps, to pulled pork sandwiches, to different burgers, to cheese fries and many more. But personally my favorite is the katsu chicken on top of the fried rice (insert fire emoji). They have this sauce they put over their fried rice and katsu chicken that is immaculate. Kinda sweet, kinda tangy, kinda perfect. For their wings, they have a variety of flavors to choose from and of course they are bomb. I would definitely recommend checking this place out. It’s a must try if you are new to Tucson!

Check out their website:


Azian Restaurant (Sushi & Korean BBQ) (Khadra approved!)
Address: 15 N. Alvernon Way
Phone: (520) 777-8311
Hours: 11:30am-10pm

I would have to say this restaurant is hands down the most delicious and cheap sushi restaurant in Tucson. Sushi isn’t the most economical meal out there, and being college students, we have a budget to keep in mind. This is a good mix of affordable and delicious! For instance, I ordered 9 different rolls and only paid $20.00. Having said this, I totally recommend this spot. There are dollar menus for sushi, happy hour specials, and so on. And the variety they offer is beyond ridiculous. Can you imagine ever having Green Tea Sushi? Sounds weird, right? Well, I can faithfully say Green Tea sushi is ahhhhmaaaaaaazinnggggg  (I order it everytime). So, if you are someone who loves sushi just as much as I do, please go try it out. I promise you will not regret it! I haven’t personally ordered the Korean barbecue, but all of my friends who have tried it have loved it. The Korean barbecue is a little on the pricey side, so I haven’t tried it. But if you’d like to, please do try it out and let me know!


Ah, the Wilderness

29 Jul

One of the most unique qualities that Arizona has to offer is the outdoors. Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon, numerous national parks, Sedona, Mount Lemmon, and rivers and lakes to last for days. Lucky for those of us in Tucson, outdoor paradise is right in our backyard.


There are four man-made lakes in Tucson that are stocked regularly with fish from September to June. If you are looking for some fishing, locations are not too far away. Don’t forget to get a fishing license! You can purchase them for a day or a year, and you can get licenses from Wal-Mart or you can purchase a fishing license at If man-made lakes are not your thing, head to Rose Canyon at Mount Lemmon!

Rose Canyon is not all Mount Lemmon has to offer – you can also go camping! The Campus Rec offers rentals for sleeping bags, tents, canoes, lanterns, propane, and much more at! Mount Lemmon is several degrees cooler than the campus, which allows an opportunity to escape the heat while enjoying nature’s beauty. If you are not much of a camper, you can always take a day trip up to Mount Lemmon. Always remember to pack water and sunscreen as the higher elevation means that you’re closer to the sun and the air is thinner.


Patagonia Lake in Nogales also offers fishing, camping, and boating opportunities! Patagonia is a little bit further than Mount Lemmon, however it allows you and your friends a chance to take a nice road trip! You can reserve a camping spot for Patagonia Lake or Mount Lemmon at Different times of the year are busier than others, so it is always best to reserve early.

Interested in hiking? Romero Pools located at the Catalina State Park has a hiking trail that gives you an exquisite view of Tucson once reaching the top. It take several hours, but you can turn back and go down whenever you see fit. If you are interested in going, directions on how to find the trail can be found at Romero Pools is a tough hike, but reaching the top makes you realize just how strong you are and reminds you how much beauty is still in this world, even with all the chaos life throws at you.


Outdoors may have never appealed to you before, although I suggest that you get out of your comfort zone. Several months ago I thought fishing was the most boring activity in the world, but then I went and caught a tiny fish. Now fishing has become my new favorite hobby! I can vouch for each and every one of these sites recommended to you in this article. If you cannot tolerate to be outside in the heat for too long now, just wait until it cools down in the fall. Don’t let time pass you by – get out there and experience everything in Tucson (or close by) that you possibly can!