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#OutrageousOctober: Acting in a Haunted House

25 Oct

I don’t do scary things. I’ve never been to a haunted house. I’ve watched one scary movie in my life and had my back turned to the screen 95% of the movie. When I would go trick or treating as a kid and a house had a haunted house you had to go through to get the candy, I’d make my sister and all my friends go in front of me so they’d get scared first. I’ve just never understood why people choose to get scared. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Halloween. I like the when the weather cools down (if it cools down), the costumes, the candy, the cheesy Halloween movies, and the start of the holiday season. I just don’t like the scary part of it. That being said, I’m also not an actor. The extent of my acting career was a few elementary school class plays, so when I had the opportunity to act in a haunted house as a fundraiser, I figured it was perfect for my Outrageous October.

Because I’ve never been to or acted in a haunted house, I had no idea what to expect when I arrived at Slaughterhouse, one of Tucson’s most popular haunted houses. I showed up at 4:30 wearing the assigned uniform of a black t-shirt and jeans. When my full volunteer group was present, an employee of the haunted house came to get us and have us sign in. From there, we went to a window and got our character assignment for the night. I was assigned to be a clown. I’m not really scared of clowns, but with the new movie It, I figured it was a pretty good place to be in if I wanted to be able to scare people. Once we had our character assignments, we went to an actors’ tent and sat and waited to be called back to get our costumes, hair, and makeup. We aren’t allowed to show pictures of hair and makeup until after the end of the haunted house season, but just take my word for it when I say it was pretty much everything you’d expect clown makeup to be. After a brief actors’ meeting, we were put in position for people to start coming through the haunted house.

Pretty much what I was doing in the haunted house was standing in a hallway and jump scaring groups of people as they walked by. Scaring people was admittedly fun. Because of the lighting and other effects, often times people couldn’t tell if I was a real or a fake clown, so they were extra scared when I jumped out at them screaming. I made a lot of people jump, scream, and I even made one guy fall on the floor which was pretty funny (don’t worry he wasn’t hurt). It was especially funny when I’d really scare a person and the other members of their group would voice how they were impressed. While there were obviously a few people who didn’t get scared which was a little awkward when you’re right in their face, I was able to scare most groups. However, my feet, knees and back HURT. I have a bad back and knees anyway, so standing straight against a wall for four hours was pretty brutal. On top of that, I was sweaty, I was hungry, and my throat hurt from screaming. It was a long four hours for sure.

Overall though, I’d say I had a pretty positive experience and definitely stepped outside of my comfort zone. It was fun getting to play a totally different character and scare people. It was also really cool to get a behind the scenes look at what goes on at a haunted house. It’s easier to not be afraid when you realize that it’s just actors in costumes playing a carefully crafted part. It was more difficult than I expected in terms of the physicality of the job, but I know it was for a good cause in fundraising for one of my clubs. I don’t know if I’ll be on the other side of a haunted house any time soon (I’m still a pretty big chicken) but it was fun to try something completely new to me and do something a little “outrageous” to celebrate the season.


#OutrageousOctober: Duvalin or Werther’s Butterscotch?

25 Oct

I like to consider myself a little bit of a non-conformist. Whether that’s true or not, who knows? But I definitely like to go against the grain once in a while, even if it’s only my own grain I’m going against. Sometimes, it’s on impulse (and let me tell you those decisions sometimes happen to be the best) and sometimes it’s with a little push from my friends.

This month, the ladies at Wildcat Connections were tasked with doing something out of the ordinary. I’m usually all for some out-of-ordinary experiences, but let me tell you… This month I just couldn’t come up with any good ideas. Fortunately for me, I have some pretty cool friends with some pretty random last-minute whims.

And that’s basically the story of how I ended up getting sprayed down in a giant metal box.

Let me just say: I’m not the type to go and get spray tanned at all. I may be down to go do some questionable things here and there but spray tans where never on my “must do” list. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with them (if anything I could use a good tan once in a while). I just somehow always thought of it as something that was cool for other people to do.

Either way, I went and got spray tanned and it was totally fine. I paid, I stripped down, and I got in the big metal box. If I’m being honest, the only thing that freaked me out about the whole ordeal was making sure I was turning in the right direction — once that thing starts spraying there’s no going back. I was not about to walk through campus looking like a chocolate and vanilla Duvalin (haha). I was going for more of the Werther’s Original butterscotch candies look.

Image result for duvalinRelated image

However, I am happy to report that I managed to successfully complete the task of turning to my right side every couple of seconds. I walked out of there a little sticky and smelling heavily of spray tan but I woke up the next morning in a beautiful shade of medium tan. Not so bad! Would I do it again, though?

Probably not.

I don’t mind getting some color on me but I do mind paying for something that only lasts a little over a week long. I would rather sit out in the the sun for a few hours (or slather on some self-tanner when I’m really in need of some tan) than pay $25 every two weeks. I have bills to pay!

It was definitely something new for me to try! Maybe next year I’ll come up with something a little more outrageous, though. Who knows?


#OutrageousOctober: Lili & Amna in a Haunted Corn Maze

18 Oct

Hello, beautiful souls, and happy spook month!


This October, we were challenged to do something outrageous.

For those of y’all who don’t know me, I’m terrified of LOUD noises. I am the easiest to scare, and I’m really just a ball of anxious nerves.

So, this month, Amna and I decided to do a haunted corn maze because we’re both a little chicken LOL

~Amna’s perspective~

Hi y’all, so honestly I can’t lie I’m definitely a screamer/squirmer when it comes to all things scary (mazes, movies, etc.). So I was definitely feeling the nerves as Lili and I (& friends) were in line. But, at the same time I was really excited because for whatever masochistic reason, the fear definitely provides an adrenaline rush.

–Maybe I should take this moment to apologize to the girl in front of me in the maze whose circulation I may have cut off in terror– LOL, sorry Ariel.

Regardless, it was a great experience I have to say! For those of you who are considering going – definitely go!! They had a lot of really cool effects – like for example (~spoiler~) there’s this kind of hypnotic bridge you have to walk across that made me lose balance, but also had me laughing so hard. And also, the actors are pretty good – they are definitely going to follow you if you look creeped out, fair warning!

In addition to the haunted maze, there was a regular corn maze that stretched out for miles on end (apparently). I didn’t get far in that part, but if you’re into all that problem solving maze stuff, I’m sure you would love it. Also, the farm had food options and great places to take pictures with friends. Over all, cool venue. I would recommend it.


So, watch our cute little video we’ve compiled. Sorry in advance for the whole “Blair Witch Project” feels, but I couldn’t find my GoPro Harness, so my GoPro was sitting in my shirt pocket.


Please enjoy -because we sure screamed a lot for this-

Anyways, hope you laughed harder than we screamed!

Stay beautiful,

Lils & Amna xx

#OutrageousOctober: Horror Movie

17 Oct

Some people love horror movies, but I am definitely not one of those people. In the spirit of Spooktober, I decided to watch a horror movie to get out of my comfort zone a little bit. After consulting with some of the other Wildcat Connections team members, I decided to watch The Houses October Built. (Disclaimer- This blog in no way is endorsing the film or its content, just sharing my experience watching it)

I ended up watching this movie during the day, and thank goodness I did because I’m freaked out enough. I don’t think I would have gotten sleep if I’d watched it at night. It started out being a pretty tame experience, somewhat like a documentary or reality show. And then they show up to the first haunted house and everything was downhill from there. All of a sudden there’s clowns everywhere (which terrify me, by the way), and they continue to go to all of these haunted houses.

What really got me terrified about this movie was that none of it was totally implausible. People can do this stuff to other people in real life! Now I’m pretty much set on never setting foot in a haunted house in my life because you never know what’s real and what’s not. Even though this movie is supposedly fiction, I don’t have much confidence in all of that anymore. Ultimately, I’m pretty proud of myself for watching the movie all the way through. Doing things that scare you without taking you to crisis mode can be a really healthy growing experience!


Falling into Autumn #OutrageousOctober

16 Oct

This is my goal!

Bring on the Fall! For once in my college life, I am completely aware the seasons are changing and autumn will be among us soon! Every year, I somehow let October slip through my fingers and by the time November hits, I question if October even occurred. From Halloween fun, to Midterm stress, and my father’s (and my) birthday, this month is probably the most hectic time for me. However, THIS October will completely different. I am preparing for my favorite season and going to fully embrace the fall. Below I have made a list all of things I am going to do to welcome the new season and I invite you to embrace fall with me!


I NEED this! I wonder if it smells better than other pumpkin ones I’ve tried.

1. Make my home smell like Fall
I love candles to the point where my boyfriend says I shouldn’t buy anymore, but I do it anyways! They are so peaceful and also gives my home an amazing smell, which is always nice. This one is also a great and simple way to embrace the wonderful season because anyone can do it – if you can’t use open flames, there are diffusers, plug ins, sprays, and so many more options! If you like the aroma of fresh-baked goods, the woods, or other autumn scents, I can guarantee it is out there!

From online shopping to your favorite grocery store, there is always a section for candles, incenses, and air fresheners, which has all of the smells. There are seasonal fragrances that are great to fill your home with in order to enjoy the seasons even more. This year, I want to buy candles that smell like apples, cinnamon, and even find a pumpkin one. Unfortunately, I have not had any luck at finding a good smelling pumpkin candle, so if you know a good one, please let me know!


My inspiration!

2. Update my wardrobe to match the changing seasons
Do not be mistaken when I say, “update my wardrobe”. I am not trying to change my whole wardrobe around to make it all fall attire because: 1. I am a college student who has bills and 2. I don’t have time for that. All I want to do is incorporate a few pieces that can give off a fall vibe like cute booties, a few shirts with dark fall tones, and maybe (if I’m feeling adventurous) a fun scarf with plaid on it. I think this is always a fun thing to do because you don’t have to spend a lot of money on changing your wardrobe. Just buying a few things that are something you don’t typically wear, vamp up your whole wardrobe. 

This doesn’t exactly relate to wardrobe, but I also want to incorporate fall colors and Halloween images into my nails. I use to do this all of the time when I was in high school (because I had time then), but I definitely want to at least change my nails twice to match the season. Also it’s a little difficult to do this now because I am a sculptor and my nail polish chips off WAYY too soon. 

3. Dye my hair to fit more in with the fall colors
This one is probably the most bold, reckless, and permanent thing to do on this list, but too late, I already did it! The reasons I wanted to dye my hair in the first place were: I’ve been really into changing my hair lately, I’ve never tried an auburn/red/orange color before, and Pinterest. There were so many creative things that were popping up on my feed to embrace fall colors with hair and I could not resist. Also, with my blue eyes I knew I had to give it a shot because it would make them stand out A TON.

After four hours of sitting in a salon, two ladies drying my hair at the same time, and a little pricey bill at the end, it was TOTALLY worth it! I love my new hair and to my surprise I love it more than my natural hair and all of the other experiments I have tried (blonde and purple balayage, for example). This new look also gave me a huge boost of confidence and a little more sass throughout the day. If you have ever been skeptical about changing your look, just go for it! Worst case scenario, if you’re not in love with it, express that to the person who did your hair and they will change it for you to like it once again. You may also find you love yourself with a new look and it will bring you more confidence than you had before. 

4. Eat/Drink all things pumpkin


I love PUMPKINS! This turtle is too cute 🙂

Okay, okay. I know everyone thinks pumpkin spice is very overrated and “basic” when fall season hits, but I have no problem indulging in pumpkin anything. At first, being the cool person I am (just kidding), I did not want to participate in purchasing pumpkin items because I disliked that everyone went overboard with it, but after trying my first pumpkin spice latte, because my friend made me, I actually loved it and still do today. It brings warmness and nostalgia whenever fall comes around because I treat myself to this every autumn.

Other than the typical Pumpkin Spice latte at Starbucks, there are other goodies out there that are great to enjoy in this fall season. For the first time, I found pumpkin pie ice cream at the store, which was to die for! Not only did it taste exactly like pumpkin pie, but there were also pieces of pie crust which was a lovely surprise. There are pumpkin spice Oreos (?? which I guess is a thing now), pumpkin creamer (if you like to make your coffee at home), and pumpkin spice cereal (lol who knew?) out there to try. Unless you’re allergic to pumpkin, I would suggest trying some of these new pumpkin items if you haven’t already. Even though it is overrated, you may actually find you like pumpkin things and that’s great!

5. Go ALL out for Halloween
Usually I am putting together Halloween at the last-minute and last year it got so bad to the point my boyfriend and I got our Halloween costumes the day before. This year, it is not going to be that way. Because I am a planner (good joke), I have already took the initiative to plan what I am going to be this year with my boyfriend and started putting up Halloween decorations. We are going to be creepy clowns this year, thanks to the inspiration from IT (even though we haven’t seen the new one yet… lol)! Being an artist, I love to have costumes that incorporate face paint. For example one year I was a scary bunny, a skeleton, and a wolf. All of these costumes, I went all out on my face paint and it was a lot of fun! The Halloween fun does not stop there! Like I said we have started to put up Halloween decorations up (thanks to my boyfriend’s mom for letting us use some of hers). We are going to have scary decorations up for the majority of October, which might be terrifying or bring in more holiday cheer. 

The decorations will be perfect addition to our small get together we love to do every Halloween where our friends come over all dressed in costumes. In the past, we lacked the decorations because we shopped for Halloween last-minute and it was a little weird that the only Halloween aspect of our part was our costumes…but this time will be a lot more fun! I am also going to tap into my baking skills for this event to make Frankenstein cupcakes and Ghost cookies!

Another aspect that ties into the Halloween theme that I love to do is watch scary movies. Rob Zombie has incredible movies he produced, the SAW movies are intense, and The Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic and great because you can watch it over the course of two holidays! Other Halloween favorites include Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, and Casper the Friendly Ghost (I know they’re kids movies, but I just can’t resist). Watching scary movies really gets me in the Halloween and October spirit, especially when there’s actually a Friday the 13th this month!!!

6. Take time to enjoy it all
Last, and especially, not least I am going to go out of my way to actually enjoy this month. With my hectic schedule (and I am sure you can relate) time goes by way too fast and I hate it. Honestly, I can’t even get over the fact we are already in the third month of the semester; where did the time go?? I am going to try my hardest to enjoy each and every day of this month to not only celebrate the fall season, but to also make the time go by slower. 


I hope this blog inspires you to try to embrace the fall months, even if this is your least favorite time of year. It is great to at least try to enjoy every moment of the year, especially when you are in college. These years you are spending in college will go by quickly (trust me, this is my last year) and it is important to enjoy the path rather than to try to race to the finish line

Enjoy the Fall Season!

#OutrageousOctober: Ticket for One

1 Nov

As if my October being full of exams every week isn’t outrageous enough; I took it upon myself to use the month of October to step out of my comfort  zone and try something new. My outrageous activity for this October was to go to see a scary movie by myself.

I know! I know! This may not seem too outrageous but to me this was terrifying. Not only was I going to see a horror film I was going by myself. This was the first time I’ve ever gone to see a movie alone in my life.  There’s like some hidden rule that you’re always suppose to go to the movies with someone so I wanted to challenge that and go alone.

….. let’s just say that this wasn’t a good idea.

Going to the movie theatre by myself wasn’t difficult at all. Watching Blair Witch alone in a half empty theatre was terrifying. I must admit that this movie was the scariest movie that I have seen since I was 10 years old watching Nightmare on Elm Street. And to make it worse I was watching it all alone.

After jumping in my seat and spilling popcorn everywhere for an hour and a halfm I was so anxious to get out of the movie theatre. The lonely drive home didn’t make my paranoia any better but after getting home safely and watching a few funny videos on youtube I was nice and calm.

Overall, I can say that I am happy that I stepped up and tried something new this month. Would I recommend this to someone else?  Probably not. But I hope my experience can motivate you all to step out of your comfort zone and try something new this month.

Until next time,

Darius Amos

#OutrageousOctober: Homemade Pizza!

1 Nov

Everything these days is super accessible and is always prepared, especially pizza. There are COUNTLESS options in the frozen food section at the grocery stores, great restaurants specifically for pizza, and my personal favorite, delivery. All of these options for pizza make it easier for the customer if they want to get something quick, but it takes the fun out of it. I decided this month that I would try to make pizza from scratch with my boyfriend, Casey and his little brother, Riley.

Casey’s first job was at Little Caesar’s Pizza. Since I have been with him, I have always heard about the unique creations of pizza that he would make and bring home to share with his family. Some of his personal pizzas include: a breakfast pizza, a nacho cheese pizza, as well as leftover pizzas where he would bring in leftovers from home and make a concoction based on what he brings in. He would always mention that he could still make the dough from scratch and that he could make homemade pizza whenever we wanted to. I never took him up on it until last weekend when we watched Riley.

I was so excited that he agreed to make homemade pizza and to actually teach me how to do so. I have only made brownies from scratch one time and with this under my belt, I thought that making dough would be just as easy. Obviously, I was wrong! It was definitely not as easy because we had IMG_5003.jpgto wedge the dough with our hands and we had to get the right consistency. With brownies, I followed a recipe, not just go for it as Casey did with this dough.

The dough we made, took a long time to mix. It started out as a mess of yeast, flour and oil that just got everywhere. There was flour everywhere and the dough kept sticking to our hands, making it impossible to get it together. We had to keep rotating between adding more oil and flour to try to get the dough to come together. When it was easier to handle, Casey let his brother, Riley, and I try to mix it ourselves. With our combined effort, we got it to a great consistency and then let it sit for about an hour in the freezer so it could rise.

Before we decided to make pizza, I didn’t realize why we had to let the dough rise before rolling it out. I learned that it keeps the shape of the IMG_5005.jpgpizza and it prevents it from shrinking back into the little dough ball! We WAY over estimated how much dough our amount of yeast would make. Instead of making enough dough for 3 medium sized pizzas, we ended up making the dough of 4 large pizzas! Casey and I decided to let all of us pick our own set of toppings to put on our own pizzas and then make a standard pepperoni pizza.

Casey and Riley were both very creative with their pizzas, while I stayed more on the safe side. Casey encouraged us to use a sauce other than the standard marinara. Riley decided to use a BBQ sauce and Casey and I used a ranch and marinara sauce as a base. We all put different toppings including jalapeños, pineapple, steak, and tomato. Riley decided to use mostly chilies and spicy things on his BBQ pizza, Casey went the more veggie route with olives, jalapeños, and mushroom, and I stuck with pepperonis, steak, tomato, and pineapple. Deciding our own toppings made it a lot of fun and it was interesting to see how everyone went about making their own pizzas. After we added the toppings, we were all starting to get hungry and could not wait for them to get done cooking!

IMG_5006.jpgThe longest, and most boring part was letting them sit in the oven and wait until they were completely cooked through. Because we were putting two pizzas in the oven at the same time, it took awhile for each of them to cook. Once the first two came out of the oven, we were antsy to get the others to cook so we could all sit down and enjoy eating them together! After a few hours for cook time, they were all ready to eat. We all sat down together and tasted each other’s pizza. Obviously all of our favorites were the ones that we constructed but all in all, the pizzas turned out to be amazing and way better than storeIMG_5007.jpg bought or delivered. Casey and I decided from here on out, we would try to make our own pizzas more often!

If you have not, try to make something you would normally go out and buy and try to make it at home. You can do so much more by playing with different ingredients and adding things that you usually couldn’t
if you buy it already made. It is always a cheaper, healthier option, as well as you can be proud of what you have made!!



#OutrageousOctober: Food, Glorious Food

1 Nov

To say I love food would be an understatement. I mean, who doesn’t love food? But, I recently felt as if I wasn’t culturally diverse enough with the food I have tried. Coming from a small family who doesn’t have a strong 
cultural heritage, you tend to eat the same type of food all the time and it’s pretty boring. I have tried great tasting cultural foods at restaurants before. But, there has been one type of food I’ve been dying to try that looks so delicious, Ethiopian food! So, this past weekend I went to try it and my, do I love it!

I’m not an expert when it comes to food critiquing, but if you like foods cooked with a variety of spices and full of flavor, you have to try it. The food was served on a flatbread called “injera” with meats, vegetables, and beans served on top of it. You tear a piece of flatbread from the bottom and use it to grab whatever you want to eat on top. Giving you the freedom to make as many combinations as you’d like (I’m passionate about food if you can’t tell). I don’t recall the exact name of the dish I got, but I do remember there were so many dishes to choose from. In addition to great food, the service at the restaurant was great which really made my first experience trying a new food great and enjoyable.

It’s funny because I use to be the pickiest eater not too long ago (regardless if my taste buds are supposed to change every something years). Now, I love trying all sorts of new foods. Ethiopian food is definitely one of my favorite foods now along with Indian food and Greek food (which you should also try if you haven’t already). If trying new food seems scary to you, that’s okay.  You’re supposed to experience things your unfamiliar with so you can grow as a person. And I mean that not only with trying new foods, but everything else you may have been uneasy about trying before. My advice is not to settle, and go out there and try everything! Life is too short to eat the same old boring food everyday. Not only do you get to appreciate the food, you get to appreciate the culture as well. To me, learning about a different culture makes the experience itself so much more enriching.


#OutrageousOctober: Scaring Myself

31 Oct

So ASA decided to be a little wild and do something that’s totally out of our everyday norms. Some people came up with some really out-there ideas and I thought that maybe I should watch a scary movie by myself. You might be thinking, what’s the big deal about watching a scary movie by yourself? A little information about me is that I’m actually terrified of everything and I can’t watch a scary movie by myself to save my life. The last scary movie I watched was The Conjuring 2 and I actually held onto my friend’s hand the entire time. So when I emailed my idea to my supervisor and she said it was okay, I obviously started to freak out because now I have to commit!


I decided to watch Blair Witch Project because I never watched the first one and I assumed it was a remake. Clearly I was wrong because it’s kind of a sequel to the first movie.  I promise I won’t give away any spoilers from either movies but I would recommend to watch the original Blair Witch Project first because then the second movie will make A LOT more sense!

So starting from the beginning, going to the movies by myself was really weird. I don’t know why I feel like you can’t go to the movies by yourself, but I guess it wasn’t too bad. I’ve bought a movie ticket by myself before while I waited for my friend so it wasn’t too drastically different. Sitting down and waiting through the trailers by myself was also weird because this is the time I usually talk to my friend and goof off and catch up with them. But it wasn’t too bad because I was just on my phone the entire time to take away from my own awkwardness. The movie soon started and then I started to freak out again because I wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen. Most of the movie was okay. There was a part that really freaked me out because the characters were really confused about this certain thing that was going on and no one was believing them about what was going on.


I went to an early showing so it wasn’t too late when I got out which helped prevent me from being scared afterwards. I probably won’t ever watch a scary movie by myself again because I need to grab on to someone as I freak out, but I would watch a normal movie! This experience helped me get over my fear of doing things by myself and I am happy I did it. I also got to watch a good movie and just have some time to myself to relax. Overall I think this was a pretty good experience!



#OutrageousOctober: Wild Western Adventure

31 Oct


I’m not one to be very adventurous. I don’t seek adrenaline rushes or have much desire to “test my limits.” However, I decided that I wanted to do something fun to be a little daring for the month of October. After some reflecting I finally decided that I would do something outrageous and ride a horse! I have fond memories of being a little girl on my great grandpa’s ranch. He had two horses, but I was always too young to ride them. By the time I got old enough to ride them, my great grandpa could no longer take care of them so he had to let the horses go to live in the mountains of New Mexico. We would still visit them in the mountains, but I never had the chance to ride them. Now, I have finally ridden a horse and I know I made my great grandpa smile.


My horse adventure was scheduled for Saturday. I waited the whole week anxiously to meet my new horse friend. When the morning finally came I was nervous. Even when you do something fun there always seems to be negative thoughts that creep in. I knew I couldn’t let these thoughts overcome my giddiness. I kept thinking positively about how much fun I would have. I focused on getting to pet my new friend and being able to take a cute picture with them. After a 30 minute drive to Mount Lemmon we made it to the stables. While we were waiting to check in I could see the horses. They all looked so happy and excited to be going out. I asked if I could have a helmet while riding because safety first, but the ranchers never gave me one. Going without a helmet made me feel adventurous. I hadn’t planned to go without one, but it made me test myself like I’m not used to. The time came to get on my horse for the morning, Smoke. He was a pretty black horse that I loved at first sight. I climbed on Smoke and could feel my heart racing. I immediately started talking to him to make sure we were both on the same page. We agreed there would be no running or kicking going on. After a moment we were off on a trail. It was so breath-taking being in the mountains surrounded by peaceful wildlife. We rode through the mountains of Tucson for about an hour and a half, then just as quickly as it began, it was over.

I felt so daring riding Smoke. It was thrilling going uphill and downhill, sometimes I felt like I would fall off. Smoke never worried he was in his element the whole time, if anything he was the one calming me down! I’m so happy I decided to do something fun right before midterms started. It was relaxing being out in nature not worrying about anything. I can’t wait to ride my next horse!