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Top 20 Movies to Watch Over The Summer

10 Jun


Shannon’s Picks                                                              Chrissy’s Picks


 The Bourne Identity                                                          Dracula Untold

PicMonkey Collage


Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows                       Bridge to Terabithia



How to Train Your Dragon                                            Lion King



The Hangover                                                                    The Intern



Cast Away                                                                            Sense and Sensibility



The Sandlot                                                                         Howl’s Moving Castle



The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey                           Harry Potter



The Shining                                                                         Shrooms


Romantic Comedy:

The Wedding Singer                                                         The Ugly Truth


Science Fiction:

iRobot                                                                                    Blade Runner


#DreadedDecember: Home for the Holidays

17 Dec

Moving away from home did not really phase me all that much. I was ready to start a life of my own and follow whatever path fate had for me. Sure, I missed my hometown’s weather and my bed!

Now I really do believe in the saying “there’s no place like home.” It wasn’t until I found out my holiday visits back home this year would be my last that I realized how true it is. My dad recently got a promotion, so my parents are expecting to move out of my childhood home this Spring. I am thrilled my dad finally got the position he’s worked hard for. I’m happy that my mom can spend more time with my dad since the drive to work will be half the time.

Every now and then I would come back home and help my mom pack up our things. At first I was okay with the news. I even started packing all my possessions from when I was little and found some pretty interesting stuff!

But then… I went back home for Thanksgiving and it was a holiday well spent. We cooked all of the delicious dishes, breathed in the nice cool air, and I finally got to see how fall should really look! I started looking around at all the pictures and furniture and it hit me. This will be the last Thanksgiving and Christmas I will have in the place I’ve cherished for so long! I was devastated. No dorm room, no apartment, no studio loft can ever replace the memories made in that house.

I began reminiscing on the smells of my mom’s home cooked meals. I visited my old hiding place right by the big oak tree in my backyard. I even pretended to throw one last pitch to my dad right where we used to practice all my change ups and screw balls!

There were plenty of other characteristics to that house that I will miss dearly. Of course I will never forget the memories, good or bad. While I may not return to the same cozy, brick home for next year’s holidays, I remind myself it was my family and friends that made living there such a fun ride.

So, my send off to you is, if you feel like home will never be the same, a house is just a house. But the time you spent growing as a person there is way more important.


Home is Where the Heart Is so Don’t leave Yours at Home

17 Oct

At the risk of sounding absurdly sappy, home is not where the heart is, home is where the hearts are because the people who carry them want to be close to one another. For many of us, starting college coincides with being on our own for the very first time. But, as long as you have your heart, you also have your home and you can bring what you love most about home with you wherever you go. Knowing what I would miss the most about home allowed me to incorporate all of the things that I loved about my old home into my new home. It’s easy to begin putting this into practice by making a list of the top 3 things that you’ll miss about home. I wanted to share mine.

1) My Family

First things first, I’m not the realest. No matter how hard I try to play off my sadness about leaving my home in Florida, I know that I will never stop missing home (and there’s nothing wrong with that). I had been under my parents’ roof for so long that I was sure that moving away would be a relief. Although the freedom to eat dessert before dinner and go to bed whenever I want is pretty rad, not seeing my family everyday is still a big deal. To conquer this dilemma, I brought them with me.

Skype is a beautiful thing and since I can’t be with them in person most of the time, every Saturday at 10:30 am is theirs (at the very minimum). Setting aside a chunk of time to talk to your loved ones can help make the transition to living on your own significantly easier because you realize that no matter how far away from them you are, they’re still there for you. Sometimes all it takes is a 5 minute phone call in between classes to make both your day and theirs.


Me and the lil bro. What we are doing, I don’t know.

2) Having Real Home-cooked Meals

Although it can be difficult to carve out time to make healthy meals, I realized this past year that it was something that I had to start doing. Besides being healthier and cheaper than most of the meal plan options, preparing and eating home-cooked meals was always something that I enjoyed doing with my parents (especially my mom). Meals at home were a time for friends and family, not solitude. To make my living space feel more like home, I often prepare and eat dinner with friends or Skype my parents in. This has made living in a residence hall a lot more tolerable because there are few things more relaxing than chatting with friends or getting to know new people over a meal. If you have friends who also miss home-cooked meals, then you might be able to set up a regular time for a college family meal.


3) Creature Comforts

When moving to Arizona, I knew that I couldn’t leave my pillow pet or my fuzzy wuzzy socks behind and that I would need to have hot cocoa in my room at all times in order to remain a happy, well-functioning human being. Creature comforts are different for everyone, some people have a favorite stuffed animal, while others like to use only a specific type of hand soap. A good way to make your new living space feel more home-y is to get in touch with the aspects of your old living space made you the happiest. For example, I love to wear makeup so I brought my vanity (a mirror atop a drawer where I can put all of my cosmetics) with me to school. If you’re the kind of person who has pictures of family and friends all over your walls, it’s probably a good idea to bring some of those with you. The shock of being in a new place combined with the stress of school can sometimes distract us from the important task of making our environment conducive to our happiness. But if you surround yourself with objects and people that you like, you’re going to do just fine.


Best of luck in creating your home away from home. 🙂





It’s Okay If There’s No Place Like Home!

15 Oct

Being a 3rd year college student, I can confidently say that the majority of us have felt homesick at least once during our college careers (unless you are completely sick of home). Some more than others, especially if their hometown is not where they’re currently attending college, which happens to be the case for myself. I’m originally from Anchorage, Alaska, and I graduated in Scottsdale, Arizona, but here I am in Tucson attending the University of Arizona. And there’s a twist, my mother doesn’t currently reside in Scottsdale or Anchorage. She’s living in Oregon, while my only brother is serving as a linguist in the Air Force in California. So seeing my family are plane tickets away, rather than 2-hour road trips. I probably experienced homesickness the most during my first year at UA, and I still do every now and then. But throughout these past years, I have learned ways to make living away from my family much more bearable.


1) Don’t fret! It’s completely normal!

Being away from your family and home can be scary, and it is scary to a lot of us. Don’t hesitate to talk a friend, a mentor, or even your RA if you’re living on campus because chances are they are either currently feeling the same way or have at one point since they’ve started going to college. You’re not alone! Random-Adventure-Time-gifs-adventure-time-with-finn-and-jake-32628267-500-282

2) Stay in contact…

Obvious, but very effective. Reserve times during your week to give Mom or Dad a quick call, or send them a quick text before class. Thanks to technology, staying in touch with loved ones can take minutes, if not seconds to say hello, or see how their day is going. But try not to stay too connected because you still want to be able to adjust to being away from your family for long periods of time.


3) Preoccupy yourself…

There can be a plethora of events and activities happening all around college campus. There are tables set up up and down the mall by the Student Union for clubs and organizations to reach out to students, almost on a daily basis. Meeting new people, and being apart of something is a fantastic way to focus your mind on something other than these feelings of homesickness.


4) Focus on school…

This technically falls under preoccupying yourself, but I think that our academics are important enough to deserve its own bulletin point, right? This may not seem like the most “fun” way to get your mind off of feeling homesick, but it really does work! Form study groups, attend those review sessions, and make yourself at home in the library all while cranking out assignment after assignment and essay after essay!


5) Don’t worry…

It gets better! Yet another cliche, but true! Homesickness may be an overwhelming feeling now, but you will adjust! It just takes time, I guarantee it 🙂