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What to Expect at Spring Fling

3 Apr

You’ve seen the advertisements and you’ve heard the chatter, but what is “Spring Fling” anyways and what do you do there? To sum it up, Spring Fling is a student-run carnival on the UA Mall complete with “carnival rides, games, food booths, and entertainment.” It is open to the University of Arizona and to the Tucson community, however U of A students do get free admission with their CatCard.


There will be 4 live performances each day of Spring Fling.  This live entertainment ranges from DJ concerts to a Curious George appearance. However, the big attraction will be when the band Smallpools performs Saturday night. Most people know the band for their song, “Dreaming.”


In terms of attractions, there will be over 35 rides and games for people of all ages. Wristbands range from $20-30 depending on the day you go and will allow you to ride an unlimited amount of rides.  Be sure to check out their promotions going on though for discounts on wristbands and admission.


There will also be a section of Spring Fling dedicated to children and family activities called the Kids Korner.  Nonprofits, local businesses, and UA clubs host the Kids Korner which will include “hula hoop contests, interactive displays, obstacle courses and much more.”


So when the weekend of April 10th rolls around, be sure to grab your friends and head over Spring Fling.  Expect lots of food, games, rides, and fun!


A Band On The Rise

31 Mar

It wasn’t until I became an avid user of Pandora (which is essentially a customizable radio that learns  your preferences and introduces you to new music you might like) that I stumbled upon the band Smallpools. In high school, my taste in music was quite stationary in that it barely deviated from whatever mainstream music that was dominating the radio at the time. But thanks to a lovely friend of mine who I met here at the University of Arizona, my unwavering preference in music became a thing of the past, and I absolutely loved it.


From left to right: Joseph Intile (bass), Sean Scanlon (vocals), Beau Kuther (drums), Mike Kamerman (guitar)

The band consists of 4 members (see picture above…). Kamerman and Scanlon both were members of various bands previously. It wasn’t until the two stumbled upon Kuther and Intile that Smallpools was formed! Their debut song, “Dreaming” was released on March 16, 2013 and it was well received, placing at #23 on Billboard’s Alternative Song chart as well as landing the #1 spot on Hype MachineThis particular song was also featured on the FIFA 14 soundtrack as well as the season 5 premiere of The Vampire Diaries. 


(click on the picture to watch the music video for “Dreaming”)

On March 16th, the band released their very first album, LOVETAP! and I was NOT disappointed! A few of the songs on the album were released well before, one which I’m sure most people have already heard. If you don’t believe me, click here to see for yourself. It’s a real shame when we hear a song that we like on the radio or in a store, but don’t know who the heck actually sings it! My personal favorites on LOVETAP! is “Street Fight” and “American Love”. Click here and here and you’ll see what I mean 🙂


The University of Arizona’s 2015 Spring Fling is happening from the April 10th-12th, and Smallpools performs on Saturday, April 11th from 7:00-8:00 pm. You won’t want to miss it!



#NovemberToRemember: It’s the Little Things

24 Nov

In one week, I did all of this, it started my November off right and really made a #NovemberToRemember. 


I’m a senior at the University of Arizona and I consider myself someone who is very involved on campus and in campus culture. But before this year, I had never attended a single Homecoming event. After writing a blog that went out early this November about Homecoming, I figured I should probably go and see what all the hubbub is about.

I started with The Lighting of the “A.” It took place on the first REALLY windy day this fall, which is just a calm way of saying IT WAS FREEZING! But once the “A” was finally lit, it was beautiful. Pro tip: if you go, depending on what you want to see, you don’t have to be there the moment the event starts. If you just want to see when the “A” gets lit, head over a little late. 


This picture does not do the “A” justice.

My next event was the bonfire. This time I prepared for the cold… but it wasn’t cold that day. I don’t think I had seen so much U of A spirit in one place before (and yes, I have attended sporting events on campus). I had no idea what to expect from this event, but we sang Bear Down who knows how many times and got pepped up for the game. Oh, and the fire was HUGE! Pro tip: this event does not last as long as you think – it was about 1 hour in total. 


Oooo, Fire!

Saturday morning, one of my best friends came back to campus for homecoming. I had not seen her since May, so I was excited to say the least. I headed over the mall and it was so much fun to see all the activities. I watched some of the sororities and fraternities stroll. Then my friend and I walked around the mall to catch up. Pro tip: the mall is extremely crowed, so expect a lot of people and make sure you wear something UA. 


One of my favorite Alumni, Beka.

After all of this, I have started to get this whole Homecoming thing. I loved the spirit that homecoming brought to campus. 

Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch

I have been to the Ostrich ranch a few times before and I love this place. If you have ever driven between Tucson and Phoenix, you know the place I’m talking about. It’s at the base of Picacho Peak and is THE BEST THING EVER. I went with my roommate from freshman year. We got to feed donkeys, deer, old goats, baby goats, prairie dogs, ducks, lorikeets, and ostriches! 


Two Lorikeets decided to pick through my hair

They are also known for their Monster Truck tour. The whole experience is educational and fun. You learn about the desert, ostriches, and whip lash! We also went Ostrich Fishin’ — I am not going to spoil the surprise for you by telling you what that is, but trust me, it’s fun.  


Trust me, it’s a great time.

All Souls Procession

Like Homecoming, I had never been to this event and I have wanted to go since my freshman year. I had a rough go of preparation, my make-up didn’t turn out as good as I hoped and I was running late so I didn’t get to finish all of my decorations. We did not know the exact parade route and ended up speed walking 2 miles to find this parade because I had to see it! When we finally found it, the parade was so cool! It is a celebration of those we have lost and  it brings out lots of the Tucson community. It was nice to be a part of a peaceful celebration of those we love. 


A random soul I met that night.

Sometimes its the series of little things that make a time in your life unforgettable.



Homecoming Isn’t Just for Alumni

31 Oct

If you haven’t realized it yet, Homecoming is a BIG deal at UA and it’s right around the corner. After so many years, we have a lot of traditions to uphold. And this year is super special because it’s our 100th homecoming! So what actually happens during Homecoming you ask? Well keep on reading!

The week starts off  with the Lighting of “A” Mountain!

This is when the Bobcats Senior Honorary lights flares all across the “A” on A Mountain, making the UA logo visible throughout Tucson. One of the best spots to view this process are on campus parking garages. The Student Alumni Ambassadors actually hosts a party FO’ FREE at the top of Main Gate parking garage with free food and music. This is a great opportunity to watch UA and the Tucson community come together to show school spirit and enjoy one another for a great night of fun and food.

That being said, this happens on November 2nd this year… hopefully you make it out for the event, otherwise, keep it in mind for next year! It is extremely fun and who wouldn’t want to see this view!


One of the biggest events on campus the week of homecoming is Club Olympics, which is put on by ASUA and Bobcat Senior Honorary. 

It’s a super intense, three-day long competition. In the past, the competition has included pie eating contests, dunk Reff (one of the ECON 200 professors) into a water tank, flip cup (using water of course!), and mud tug-of-war on the last day. Most clubs on campus participate. They create chants, dress up in team outfits, it’s. so. much. fun.

All of this occurs on the UA Mall, and whether or not you are participating in Club Olympics, it’s always hilarious to watch! 

Friday November 7th are our two night events, Bear Down Friday and the Homecoming Bonfire in front of Old Main. Bear Down Friday, which you may be familiar with already, is taken to a whole ‘nother level. We don’t want to spoil it for you so make sure you check it out for yourself. The Bonfire is one of our favorites for Homecoming. We guarantee it will be one of the biggest bonfires you will see in the state of Arizona! Both are tons of fun and completely free to attend!  


Saturday is THE BIG DAY! This is when our Homecoming Parade and Football game go down! The parade starts at 2pm on the UA Mall. Many clubs participate and members of the Tucson community make floats, bring out their classic cars, and get pumped for the game wearing their red and blue. The celebrations continue right up until kick off at 6pm.


With all that going on, Homecoming is a very busy time for all of us. Just remember, it isn’t just about alumni coming back to campus, it’s also about you connecting to your school traditions and enjoying your time to the highest level. Don’t miss out on the fun… it only happens once a year!

-Elena & Ciara


Taking Family Weekend Fun to the Next Level

10 Oct

Family Weekend is upon us. In less than 24 hours, our relatives will begin arriving for a weekend of food, football, and frivolity. The University of Arizona, being the fantastic institution that is is, has conveniently planned tons of great Family Weekend activities both on and off campus. From the Wildcat World Fair & Expo to a child-friendly Casino Night, there are plenty of events and promotions that you and your family can enjoy together. However, if you and your family decide not to go to these activities, here are some suggestions for sight-seeing on campus and exploring Tucson.

1) The Dorm/House/Apartment Tour

HDRtist HDR Rendering -

One of the first things that your family is going to want to know is how you live when you’re not at home. When they arrive, give them a tour of your humble abode replete with details about what you like about living there and where you like to hang out. Being able to imagine where we might be when we’re not with them tends to comfort our families and it gives us the chance to show off our cool new place.

2) Old Main 


For those of you who don’t know, Old Main used to be the school (the entire school). It’s hard to imagine that campus was so small back then, but in any case, Old Main is one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings on campus. There’s a gorgeous fountain and tons of picnic tables in the shade beneath the balconies where you can sit and relax with your family in between events.

3) Main Library


Let’s be realistic, you probably still have some homework for the weekend. Instead of ditching your family for a couple of hours, why not bring them to the library with you? The Main Library is home to more than its fair share of comfortable seating areas and charging stations to keep your family occupied while you do some work.

4) The University of Arizona Bookstore


As you probably know, there’s a Family Weekend Tailgate before the game on Saturday and whether they’re planning to attend or not, your family is probably going to want to don their best UA garb while they are here. Aside from being where the books live, the Bookstore houses a lot of cool UA clothes and souvenirs (like Wilbur-shaped pasta, what even?).

5) The Cellar


The University of Arizona Student Union is home to a slew of restaurants and eateries, but The Cellar is arguably the best of them all. It’s one of the few sit-down places that the university can boast and the food is amazing. The burger and fries pictured above are actually from The Cellar and their shakes are easily the best thing since sliced bread.

6) University (Blvd)


One of the best places to explore and grab a bite to eat is University Blvd. which runs straight through the entrance of our school and ends in a roundabout in front of Old Main. Lined with shops and restaurants, University has something for just about everyone and it is walking distance from 4th Avenue and Downtown Tucson.

7) The Streetcar Line


If you and the family want to see the world outside of campus, then the Sunlink Streetcar can help you get out there. The Streetcar runs all the way from Helen Street (near the University of Arizona Medical Center) to Tucson’s Historic District. The Historic District is home to museums, restaurants, and theaters that can allow your family to experience some of Tucson’s unique culture.

8) The Turtle Pond


The Turtle Pond is a great place to unwind either after or between adventures. This area is one of the few areas on campus that’s filled with trees and benches where people can relax and enjoy the sunshine. The turtles and koi fish are beautiful and it’s nice to see them just swimming around and being their wonderful, aquatic selves.

9) Orange Grove


Located right next to the Turtle Pond between Gila and Maricopa dorm, the Orange Grove is a lovely place to walk through as you meander around campus. Although the oranges are picturesque, please help any little ones that may be accompanying you to leave the oranges where they found them and refrain from eating them (as they are there solely for decoration).

10) The Unicorn



This is not a joke. There is a unicorn on campus and whosoever finds it first shall have eternal bragging rights. If you’re at a loss for things to do this weekend, go on a unicorn hunt (to find the unicorn not to actually hunt the unicorn, it is a statue). It’s located near the Ina Gittings Building, but that’s all I’ll say, the rest of the quest is yours and yours alone.

Have a wonderful Family Weekend!


Avoiding the Family Weekend Blues

9 Oct

That time of year has once again arrived, Family Weekend is here! The campus is full of life and events as families from all over the country drive or fly in to gain an insight on the University of Arizona college experience. But what happens when your family is unable to come to campus? If you are like me, my family is unable to come to Tucson for Family Weekend, but just because they cannot make the trip does not make the weekend any less special. Here are some suggestions to enjoy Family Weekend , but with a twist.


1. Have lunch with a friend and their family.

Family Weekend is all about having fun and making memories at UA. Do not miss out on this opportunity and ask a friend if you can join them and their family for a nice meal. Last year, my family had to work and could not make the trip, so I spent a day with my best friend and her family. They welcomed me with open arms and by the end of the weekend I felt like I had a second family.

Female friends pillow fight at home in pyjamas, having fun, smiling happy.

2. Have a girl’s/guy’s day with friends.

I was somewhat pleased to find that I was not the only one of my friends whose family could not make it. This created an opportunity for us to spend some time together, go see a movie and have a nice dinner. Although my biological family could not spend the weekend with me, I gained a campus family that I was able to bond with just the same.


3. Allow yourself some rest and relaxation.

Family Weekend is structured to be a weekend to help students have some fun and comfort at a time of the year where stress and tension is high. If you feel the stress of college getting to you take a day to breathe and focus on yourself. Stay in your pajamas all day watching Netflix , order in for dinner, or go to a spa. The semester is speeding up and you deserve some time to yourself.

u of a

4. Join in on the fun!

Family Weekend is all about enjoying what UA has to offer so take advantage of the weekend, there are plenty of events you can still attend!

Have a spectacular Family Weekend!


Surviving Family Weekend without the Family Part

9 Oct

It’s that time of the year again: family weekend. For some this is a great time to spend with your family doing fun activities around campus. For others, it is a time where you are reminded that you live far from home or that your family is unable to come for various reasons and you can’t have them here.

For those students whose family is coming for Family Weekend, yay for you! You have the chance to spend some much needed time with your family. You have the opportunity to go to a World Fair Expo, a Chili Cook-off (for $10), an Ice Cream Social, and a Casino night…and that is all on Friday! As you can see, there’s a plethora of activities for you to check out with your family and friends. While this is a weekend for families, please remember that some of your friends might not have family to hang out with. So feel free to invite them to hang out with you and your family, just make sure to make it clear to them if they have to pay for themselves so you can avoid potential awkwardness on that front! This is a weekend of inclusion.


For my freshman year, my family couldn’t come down from Phoenix to spend family weekend with me. At first I was really upset because I missed them. I wanted to show them around my school and just hang out with them for a little bit. Instead of moping around my dorm feeling sorry for myself, I was productive! The worst part about family weekend is that it falls right around midterms, so I utilized the fact that my roommates were hanging out with their families and set up a huge study session in my room. I invited everyone I knew who didn’t have family coming that weekend an we just studied all day. It was a very productive weekend that I wouldn’t have had if my family had come.


That weekend I also hung out with my friend’s family. While it was not the same as hanging out with my own family, they still made me feel welcome and wanted which was something I hadn’t realized I had been missing. So, if your family isn’t coming this weekend, don’t worry too much about it because you can still have a really fun weekend with your friends! And if you really want to go, but you can’t find anyone to go with, you could always go by yourself.


Please note that for this weekend, some activities require registration and others require an entry fee. You can get a look at the schedule here: Family Weekend.


You’re Invited to “Wind Down to Bear Down”

2 Dec

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 2.40.40 PM

Do you need some time to unwind before finals? Join us for friendly conversation, sweet and savory study food, a chill playlist, and a wintery photo booth. All for free, all for you! Click on the link above for more information regarding our study-break event, or to connect with our favorite resources during finals week. 

Where: 4th Floor of the Student Union in the Copper Room

When: This Thursday, December 5th

Who: You! Us! Munchies! 

While You Were Watching Basketball…

5 Apr

The current buzz on campus is not coming from the bees near UA’s new spring flowers, but rather from the progress of students’ NCAA bracket. Although our basketball loss was tough last week, there are still many reasons to celebrate the accomplishments of our fellow UA Athletic teams. Here’s what you missed:

While you were watching basketball…UA Quad Rugby was kicking butt!

Quad Rubgy players on court

While you were watching basketball…UA Track & Cross Country got WILD! Cheer them on this Saturday while they host the Jim Click Shootout! Three cross country runners.


While you were watching basketball…UA Softball kept fans on the edge of their seats!

Collage of softball pictures

While you were watching basketball…UA Men’s Swimming team broke records!

UA Men swimmer

As a fellow Wildcat, I am always proud of the things our student athletes do. Be sure to check out the schedules for different teams for there are many more sports and events to watch in the coming weeks!

Want to get more involved with our athletic teams on campus?  Join the Wildcat Club or ZonaZoo!

2nd Annual Arizona Assurance Talent Show!

28 Mar
Second Annual Talent Show Flyer

Click the image to purchase your tickets online!