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#NovembertoRemember: Treat Yo’self

27 Nov

Courtney's Blog Calendar (2).png

Sometimes all you need to do towards the end of the semester is Treat Yo’self. This is one thing I always forget to do, especially when finals are approaching. This time of year is so hard to do anything other than school because I feel like I do not have any free time from prepping for finals to the holidays. This month, I have decided to challenge myself to do one thing for myself every day. I know this may seem easy to do, but surprisingly, it has been a very difficult task.

I’ve been going through a very hard time lately with family issues and I have been encouraged by a lot of people to focus on myself, rather than worry about things that out of my control. This is something that is very difficult for me to do, hence why I am trying to slowly integrate things to just focus on myself into my day-to-day schedule. As you can see above, I have created a fun calendar that lists everything I am trying to do for myself throughout this month to keep myself accountable. After the day has passed, I look on my calendar and mark if I accomplished my treat yo’self task or not. If I don’t complete giphy-downsized.gifthe task for myself, I try really hard to do the one for the next day. The things I have put on this calendar are things I think are realistic for me to accomplish with my hectic schedule; some of these include: painting my nails, sleeping in, using a facial mask, and sitting out by a fire. All of these things are simple, but are fun and relaxing to me (which is much needed!).

The first week of the month all about doing things for myself, I did very well! It was fun to do things for myself and acknowledge the impact. I started to be happier throughout my day and I had something to look forward to every day that was not for anyone else or for school. I let my coworkers know about my challenge and they would do a great job asking what I did for myself that day/week, which was not just helpful for keeping myself accountable, but also encouraging to keep doing the fun tasks on my calendar. As the month continued on, honestly, I started to slack on treating myself every day. Schoolwork and family started to dominate (like always) and looking at my calendar, I was disappointed I missed out on doing things I was really looking forward to. Some of the things I was really upset about not completely were going to Mt. Lemmon (I’ve been trying to go up all semester, but have not gotten there), do my nails (I haven’t done them since September), and meditate (I’ve wanted to try this for awhile now). Even though I didn’t get to do these things this month, I always have time to do this AFTER finals week.

I have learned a lot about doing this little challenge. I’ve learned to list things out I really want to do for myself and remind myself to take a little time out of my day to do it! It was amazing to set a time of free time for myself, during all of the chaos. I’ve learned to set time to check in on how I am doing and to take a break. After this month, I definitely am going to try to keep this going from here on out.

It is so important to take time out of YOUR day to TREAT YO’SELF!!!




Wilbur and Wilma: A Wildcat Welationship

11 Aug

Who doesn’t love Wilbur and Wilma, the U of A’s very own mascots?WWBLOG2WWBLOG3

These two are basically the life of the party at every event.


They appeal to those both young and old.


But do you know the true story of their relationship?


Was it love at first sight? Are they truly soulmates? Are they just settling? Let’s find out.

Well, as we all know, Wilbur was our first Wildcat mascot. He first appeared November 7th, 1959 at a football game against Texas Tech. He was an instant hit. He was the coolest cat at the game.


Over the years, Wilbur struggled being on his own.

He experienced  many internal and external changes, as most college student do, amiright?WWBLOG6WWBLOG4

He tried to fulfill his life by traveling, meeting new friends, and changing up his look. But there was still something missing.


Wilbur was stuck searching for something else in his life.                   WWBLOG7

Wilbur’s friend (maybe you’ve heard of him…) had an idea for a match made in heaven.


Her name was Wilma.


Wilma first appeared on March 1st, 1986.


She was set up on a blind date with Wilbur.


They hit it off instantly! Although Wilbur did have to fight for her…


They fell in love so quickly, in fact, that they got married on November 21st, 1986 – only a couple of months after meeting!WC1

Wilbur and Wilma have remained strong and steady through out the years, truly standing as a testament of love and commitment to U of A students all over.


Here’s to wishing Wilbur and Wilma a beautiful life together… and maybe some kittens in the near future.



What to Expect at Spring Fling

3 Apr

You’ve seen the advertisements and you’ve heard the chatter, but what is “Spring Fling” anyways and what do you do there? To sum it up, Spring Fling is a student-run carnival on the UA Mall complete with “carnival rides, games, food booths, and entertainment.” It is open to the University of Arizona and to the Tucson community, however U of A students do get free admission with their CatCard.


There will be 4 live performances each day of Spring Fling.  This live entertainment ranges from DJ concerts to a Curious George appearance. However, the big attraction will be when the band Smallpools performs Saturday night. Most people know the band for their song, “Dreaming.”


In terms of attractions, there will be over 35 rides and games for people of all ages. Wristbands range from $20-30 depending on the day you go and will allow you to ride an unlimited amount of rides.  Be sure to check out their promotions going on though for discounts on wristbands and admission.


There will also be a section of Spring Fling dedicated to children and family activities called the Kids Korner.  Nonprofits, local businesses, and UA clubs host the Kids Korner which will include “hula hoop contests, interactive displays, obstacle courses and much more.”


So when the weekend of April 10th rolls around, be sure to grab your friends and head over Spring Fling.  Expect lots of food, games, rides, and fun!


A Band On The Rise

31 Mar

It wasn’t until I became an avid user of Pandora (which is essentially a customizable radio that learns  your preferences and introduces you to new music you might like) that I stumbled upon the band Smallpools. In high school, my taste in music was quite stationary in that it barely deviated from whatever mainstream music that was dominating the radio at the time. But thanks to a lovely friend of mine who I met here at the University of Arizona, my unwavering preference in music became a thing of the past, and I absolutely loved it.


From left to right: Joseph Intile (bass), Sean Scanlon (vocals), Beau Kuther (drums), Mike Kamerman (guitar)

The band consists of 4 members (see picture above…). Kamerman and Scanlon both were members of various bands previously. It wasn’t until the two stumbled upon Kuther and Intile that Smallpools was formed! Their debut song, “Dreaming” was released on March 16, 2013 and it was well received, placing at #23 on Billboard’s Alternative Song chart as well as landing the #1 spot on Hype MachineThis particular song was also featured on the FIFA 14 soundtrack as well as the season 5 premiere of The Vampire Diaries. 


(click on the picture to watch the music video for “Dreaming”)

On March 16th, the band released their very first album, LOVETAP! and I was NOT disappointed! A few of the songs on the album were released well before, one which I’m sure most people have already heard. If you don’t believe me, click here to see for yourself. It’s a real shame when we hear a song that we like on the radio or in a store, but don’t know who the heck actually sings it! My personal favorites on LOVETAP! is “Street Fight” and “American Love”. Click here and here and you’ll see what I mean 🙂


The University of Arizona’s 2015 Spring Fling is happening from the April 10th-12th, and Smallpools performs on Saturday, April 11th from 7:00-8:00 pm. You won’t want to miss it!



Giving Back to the Community

22 Feb

Have you always wanted to get involved with the Tucson community, but weren’t sure how to start?  Joining a UA club that gives back to the community is a great way to do this!  With hundreds of clubs on campus, this blog will only highlight a few of the service clubs, so for a complete list of all clubs at the University of Arizona, check out the ASUA’s website.

Best Buddies is a club on campus that fosters friendships, employment, and leadership development for those with intellectual disabilities.  To become a College Best Buddy, you must be a full time student and in good academic standing.

BBLogo-color-large (1)

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Tucson, otherwise known as “U of A Bigs” connects you to a child in the Tucson area. Through “volunteer recruitment, community outreach, fundraising, and community-building,” you can become a mentor and form a one-on-one relationship with your ‘Little’.”

color bbbs

Challah for Hunger is an organization on campus that bakes challah bread to promote and educate awareness for social issues locally and abroad.  Half of their profits are donated to the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. Challah for Hunger bakes every Thursday evening and sells the challah on the Mall every Friday at 10:00 am.


MEDLIFE at the University of Arizona is a global health organization that provides health care and improved access to Medicine, Education, and Development (MEDs) to low income families and those in underdeveloped countries.



So if you ever find yourself bored over the weekend, join one of these clubs, go outside, and do something worthwhile!  Remember that these are only a few clubs out of the hundreds within UA, if none of them fit your preference, keep searching for one that does.


Stay True to the Tradition: Wildcat Style!

3 Nov

The University of Arizona has many traditions that lie deep in the heart of any real Wildcat! From the lighting of ‘A’ Mountain to the singing of Bear Down, traditions here are part of the Wildcat experience. Here are our favorite traditions:

Houston- Singing Bear Down after every touchdown at Football Games.

Laura- Learning the true meaning of Bear Down.

Zuri- Jingling keys at the UA home football games.

Erica- Attending Homecoming events.


Serena- Club Olympics during Homecoming week is my favorite, especially the mud tug of war!


Andrea- My favorite UA tradition is Spring Fling! It is the largest student-run carnival in the nation!


Elysia- The ringing of the bell in the Union. They ring it after every home game, on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, September 11th every year, etc. It’s a replica of the one that sunk with the USS Arizona. So cool that we have it here on campus!

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 1.23.32 PM

Julian- Taking first & last day of school pictures around campus.


Sarah- Buying  little Wildcat/UA apparel and onesies for babies.


Kaelyn- My favorite UA tradition story is the love story of Wilbur and Wilma.  Costume designers created Wilma when they were trying to think of another outfit for Wilbur.  Wilma was first presented on March 1, 1986 when she was apparently on a blind date with Wilbur.  They married on November 21, 1986 (AWWWW). Then in 2006, Wilbur and Wilma renewed their vows on their 20th wedding anniversary! Is this not the cutest picture ever…



Homecoming Isn’t Just for Alumni

31 Oct

If you haven’t realized it yet, Homecoming is a BIG deal at UA and it’s right around the corner. After so many years, we have a lot of traditions to uphold. And this year is super special because it’s our 100th homecoming! So what actually happens during Homecoming you ask? Well keep on reading!

The week starts off  with the Lighting of “A” Mountain!

This is when the Bobcats Senior Honorary lights flares all across the “A” on A Mountain, making the UA logo visible throughout Tucson. One of the best spots to view this process are on campus parking garages. The Student Alumni Ambassadors actually hosts a party FO’ FREE at the top of Main Gate parking garage with free food and music. This is a great opportunity to watch UA and the Tucson community come together to show school spirit and enjoy one another for a great night of fun and food.

That being said, this happens on November 2nd this year… hopefully you make it out for the event, otherwise, keep it in mind for next year! It is extremely fun and who wouldn’t want to see this view!


One of the biggest events on campus the week of homecoming is Club Olympics, which is put on by ASUA and Bobcat Senior Honorary. 

It’s a super intense, three-day long competition. In the past, the competition has included pie eating contests, dunk Reff (one of the ECON 200 professors) into a water tank, flip cup (using water of course!), and mud tug-of-war on the last day. Most clubs on campus participate. They create chants, dress up in team outfits, it’s. so. much. fun.

All of this occurs on the UA Mall, and whether or not you are participating in Club Olympics, it’s always hilarious to watch! 

Friday November 7th are our two night events, Bear Down Friday and the Homecoming Bonfire in front of Old Main. Bear Down Friday, which you may be familiar with already, is taken to a whole ‘nother level. We don’t want to spoil it for you so make sure you check it out for yourself. The Bonfire is one of our favorites for Homecoming. We guarantee it will be one of the biggest bonfires you will see in the state of Arizona! Both are tons of fun and completely free to attend!  


Saturday is THE BIG DAY! This is when our Homecoming Parade and Football game go down! The parade starts at 2pm on the UA Mall. Many clubs participate and members of the Tucson community make floats, bring out their classic cars, and get pumped for the game wearing their red and blue. The celebrations continue right up until kick off at 6pm.


With all that going on, Homecoming is a very busy time for all of us. Just remember, it isn’t just about alumni coming back to campus, it’s also about you connecting to your school traditions and enjoying your time to the highest level. Don’t miss out on the fun… it only happens once a year!

-Elena & Ciara


Started From 2013 and Now I am Here!

17 Jan

Sometimes the most significant moments in our lives can go unnoticed or unrecognized until we take a few minutes to truly look back at them. As I reflected on 2013, I  remembered three small, but meaningful moments last year that really made a difference in my life. I wanted to share these moments with you, and the meaning that it brought to my year in 2013, in hopes that you’ll consider your own accomplishments, and how you’ve learned from them.

1)   Finishing a year’s worth of hard work and dedication in my position as Wildnights Director through ASUA’s Wildcat Events Board I successfully planned and executed four events for the student body each semester with the help of a wonderful committee. This position gave me leadership experience, new friendships, and event-planning experience.


2)   Being accepted into Chain Gang Junior Honorary. This honorary became my family throughout the summer and fall semester of junior year. It gave me 35 best friends, and memories that I will cherish forever. These memories include homecoming traditions, philanthropic events, and social events. These are people that I know will always be a part of my life.


3)   Traveling to a different state all by myself. I traveled to Washington DC to meet a friend this past summer. This was the first time that I had flown and traveled without my family. This trip made me realize that I am growing up, and that time is precious. I had an awesome vacation and got to see all the beautiful landmarks in Washington DC, and since then, I have been on three more vacations by myself.


These small moments in 2013 really taught me something about myself and about this wonderful life that I am living. I think that it is important to appreciate the small things in life because they add up to something special.

What were your three most special moments during 2013? Tweet us at @WildcatConnect. We’d love to hear from you!

Happy New Year!

— Jocelin Calcagno

Dedication Playlist: Warm-and-Fuzzy Feelings

9 Oct

iPod for PlaylistDuring this week’s staff meeting, Student Affairs Outreach facilitators shared that “warm-and-fuzzy” feeling they have for a person, place or idea on campus. This Spotify playlist is dedicated to all things — big and small —  that make us feel like we belong at the University of Arizona. Now, midway into the semester, we want you to get in-touch with your inner-Wildcat, to feel like you can (and will) find your niche here if you haven’t already. Check out some of the ways we have carved a space for ourselves, and feel free to visit us (Nugent, lower level) if you need more ideas on how to do the same.



CONNECT: Wildcats, what’s your “warm-and-fuzzy” person, place, or thing at the U of A? Follow WildcatConnections on Spotify for more Wildcat playlists this academic year. #UAloveatfirstsight #UAcompleteme #UAnME











Resource Reflection: Freshman Class Council, My Golden Ticket to a Social Life

20 Sep

My favorite part of freshman year, if I had to choose, would be joining Freshman Class Council, no doubt about it. Freshman Class Council is an organization through ASUA, your Student Government on campus, which focuses on spirit, philanthropy, outreach, and friendship.

Becoming involved in a club on campus helped me feel like I was a true Wildcat. See, I am from Tucson, so I lived (and still live) at home. At the beginning of freshman year, I would literally drive to school, go to class, and then drive back home right after class. I absolutely love living at home. I mean, who doesn’t love their mom’s home cooked meals, free laundry, and their own room? I just felt like something was missing.

I was definitely doing college wrong. It was as if I was disconnected from the U of A community. I had no friends, and I would sit by myself during my breaks. It was great. NOT. It felt like I had moved to a new city and I was not quite settled in yet. Once I was selected to be a part of Freshman Class Council, things started to change and I began to feel as if I was now a part of the U of A.

Freshman Class Council helped me make lifelong friendships. FCC selected 49 of us, and it was as if I had made 48, automatic best friends. We were referred to as “cubbies,” and we were a family. I could finally hang out with FRIENDS in the ASUA office instead of sitting alone during my breaks between classes. I met my best friend, Jocelin (who also happens to be an Outreach Facilitator). Now, we are inseparable. I could not imagine going through college without her. I have a group of people that I can count on, whether I need to vent about how my day is going, to have pizookies with after a long week full of exams, or to study physiology for hours with. I am a junior now, and the majority of people that I hang out with are still FCC people. We are “cubbies for life” and we really do live by that motto.


I have always had a passion for helping others, and philanthropy is one of FCC’s pillars. We participated in many philanthropic events, which I absolutely loved. From volunteering at the bowling and track and field Special Olympics, to setting up a dodge ball tournament for Desert Diamond Children’s Hospital, to collecting clothes for a clothing drive, we did it all. I enjoyed giving back to my community. Not only could I hang out with this great group of people, but I could also volunteer my time with them for a great cause. This helped me to get away from sitting at home doing nothing, and taught me the importance of paying it forward.  Through helping people, I learned that a little goes a long way; we are all going through different hardships, and sometimes even a smile can make someone’s day.

I made some of the best memories freshman year with my cubbie brothers and sisters. Being able to participate in FCC’s traditions helped me feel as if I was taking part in the U of A’s traditions. For homecoming, we made a float and got to march in the parade through the U of A mall. We went to Bear Down Ball together, which is a 1920’s themed ball where all proceeds are donated to UNICEF. We even traveled to Disneyland. I mean, the happiest place on earth with my best friends? YES, PLEASE.

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 9.55.46 PM

FCC helped me to come out of my shell, and it opened doors to becoming even more connected to campus. Later that year, I became involved in Wildcat Event Board (WEB), an organization that puts on free events for the student body. Sophomore year, I was involved in SMORES Sophomore Honorary, which I also loved. I also heard of this job through Jocy, and am now an Outreach Facilitator. Last summer, I was an Orientation and Welcome Leader which was by far one of my top three experiences at the U of A. All of these opportunities arose because I decided to step out of my comfort zone and become involved.

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 10.01.57 PM

If there is one piece of advice that I could give every freshman, it would be to get involved. Getting involved helps you feel connected to the U of A, especially if you are living off-campus. It helps you meet new people, make friends, and have lasting memories. Having a social life along with all of the academics can be a struggle, but getting involved is a great way to balance it out. You can be involved with the university, meet people to study with, and also have a great time. My freshman year was one that I will never forget, and I want you all to be able to look back on it and have an amazing experience just like me.

Although FCC applications have already closed, you can get involved in an honorary next year. Sophomore year, you can apply for SMORES or SOPHOS during the spring semester. Visit the ASUA Student Clubs and Organizations list, for a complete list of clubs. Find the club that fits what you’re looking for, whether it is school spirit, philanthropy, cultural or leadership-related. If you don’t find a club that floats your boat, you can always gather ten friends, and start your own.

–Adilene Barrios