Making sense of the Arizona Alphabet Soup

The University of Arizona uses many abbreviations/acronyms and it can be really confusing when you aren't used to them. All of these acronyms can often look like alphabet soup. What if you asked about getting involved in something on campus and someone replied "Sure, just go to the SUMC, to ASUA and ask about WEB." That... Continue Reading →

Foodie Nation

Tucson is an incredible place with a diverse selection of foods. Keep reading if you want to know about some of the tasty options we have right here in Tucson. Sonoran Hotdogs  You might be wondering what is a Sonoran Dog. It just so happens it is a Tucson delicacy and crowd favorite. Watch the... Continue Reading →

Campus Pantry

Did you know that the University of Arizona has a Campus Pantry right on campus in the Student Union Memorial Center (SUMC)? 1 in 3 college students face food insecurity at some point during their academic career. The Campus Pantry’s goal “is to reduce food insecurity in our Wildcat Community. At our distribution events, students... Continue Reading →

Loneliness in College

Loneliness in college isn’t something the media often portrays. When you see a movie about college you see all the students having a great time with all of their friends. Everybody has a squad and it all seems picture perfect. Maybe you’ve even seen Youtubers or Instagram influencers post about their perfect college life. But... Continue Reading →

Get Involved to Give Back

How you get involved on campus truly influences and enriches your college experience. There are many ways to make your campus involvement serve a dual purpose- both improving your life and contributing to the University and Tucson communities. Many extracurricular activities provide you with an automatic group, making giving back even easier if you haven't... Continue Reading →

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