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Finish Strong

21 Apr


Q: Why don’t I feel motivated anymore?
A: It’s the end of the year sometimes our wind blows out! It’s a totally normal thing we all have to face at some point.

Q: Can I get over this lull?
A: ABSOLUTELY! You just need to spark your motivation.

Q: How do I spark my motivation?
A: Reevaluate your goals! I’m sure we all started this semester with some objectives. They could have been elaborate or simple, whatever they might have been, reintroduce yourself to them to remember why you wake up every day.


Q: What steps can I take to be happy with what I’m doing? I’m so over school, work, and everything!
A: Are you over listening to music, playing a sport, or binge watching your favorite Netflix show? Give yourself a break! No one enjoys school or work all the time, so taking a break and relaxing can be just what you need to fall back in love with your major.

Q: How long will it be before I feel refreshed again?
A: As long as you need! There isn’t a set amount of time you need to give yourself. We get a whole summer and winter break to feel recharged about each semester. Finishing it can be tough with no breaks. Giving yourself a mental break for a weekend (long weekends are the best weekends) can be just what you need to feel motivated.

Q: What do YOU do to feel motivate?
A: I remind myself who I am and who I want to be. All the exams, projects, and papers are just a necessary step for me to get the future I want to get. I just need to get past those to succeed.


Q: Is it like this every semester?
A: There are no guarantees about the future. Feeling overwhelmed at the end of the year can be frustrating but if you know how to conquer it once, you can conquer it again.

Q: Does feeling unmotivated mean I don’t like my major anymore?
A: Finding a major is a challenge for everyone. If you’re feeling unmotivated but think you’d be motivated in another major, then evaluating your major wouldn’t hurt. If you’re feeling more burnt out, then it might just be from this time of year. Take the summer to research your major again and see if it gets you excited again!

Q: I’m terrified of finals week! How can I study for all those exams?
A: Studying for finals comes down to priorities. Think about whether or not you’re on the verge of getting a letter grade up, how much the final is worth, the day each final is, and whether or not it’s cumulative. Once you’ve decided what’s most important, study for those early and leave extra time for the not as important finals.

Q: Is there any daily habits you suggest to stay motivated? Some days I feel motivated and other days I just feel groggy? How can I stay motivated more consistently?
A: Developing a healthier daily routine can help with the grogginess. Have a consistent wake-up time and breakfast can be a ritual your body will thank you for! Also getting a good nights sleep after a balanced dinner can do the trick. I know we’re all busy college students, but developing even small healthy habits can start the motivation train for other parts of our life.

Good luck on the end of the semester!



Summer is Coming…

20 Apr

As the thousands of university students on campus pull themselves up from their creaky lecture hall seats, professors pack their belongings, and high school tours groups wipe the sweat from their brows… there is a shared moment of awareness. Quiet sighs break out throughout Tucson. Soon the now bustling college town will come to standstill for eight weeks. The Ubers will retire for the time being. In that moment, everyone begins to feel the energy creeping back into their bones. The air is buzzing again and the sun beats down on campus in the foretelling that summer break is finally near.

While the sun foretells of summer break adventures and the local Ubers prepare for a well-deserved vacation, the university, as always, demands that all students’ T’s are crossed and their I’s dotted. That means following up with registration, preparing for finals, and getting summer plans in order.

Most students should have already registered for their summer or fall semester courses by this point. It’s important to make sure this is done before students leave school in order to have the opportunity to speak with a school representative in person rather than over the phone or by email. Everyone knows how frustrating things can become when the lines of communication are made tough due to distance. Typically, students who have issues with registration may simply have a balance on their account which prevents students from finalizing their course selections. Check in with students to ensure that they are ready and excited for their next semester on campus. Remember, most problems can be fixed in a matter of days!

Not only should students be looking to make sure registration is secured, but they should also begin thinking about final exams. Finals are typically the most stressful part of the semester for many students and although many of us would rather not think about them for as long as possible, it’s better to prepare with a good amount of time than to be freaking out the week of. Scheduling out final exam dates and looking into exam material are the best ways to get a feel for what a student’s final exam week will look like.

Unfortunately, for some students, the pressure of exams can get to be too overwhelming whether they prepare early on or not. Taking the time to relax and taking care of any emotional or physical distress is vital. A healthy body and mind make for a much more productive and successful outcome in stressful situations than would otherwise be likely to happen. A good routine that involves healthy sleeping, eating, and exercise habits can wildly benefit students during this busy time in the semester. As always, calling your student to make sure they’re holding up well can also help in making a difficult week a little bit better.

The closer summer break gets, the more students begin to think about what they’re planning to do during those two months. Many students like to take this time to relax and vacation somewhere with friends and family. A good way to make the summer a little bit more productive is to look into internships, job opportunities, and school-affiliated travel projects. The sooner students begin building up their resumes with great experience history the easier their future years in school are likely to become. By the time they graduate, they’ll have a good year or two of job-related experience to back them up in the workforce.

Wherever your student finds themselves at this point in the year, be sure to offer your help and support. It’s likely that they are doing well and are excited to finish up their first year on campus with a bang. As always, it never hurts to double check important matters and to get prepared for the upcoming weeks with a comfortable time cushion in case any emergencies pop up. Better to be safe than sorry!


Prep for Success!

16 Apr

Hey guys! We’re a little into the semester now, and I just wanted to share some things that I do at the beginning of the year to give myself a strong start to the semester. If you feel like what you’re doing might not be working for you, check out some of the things I do to keep moving forward and on track!

You’re probably wondering how I’ve never  lost my mind this semester over all the different deadlines. One good thing is that now that I’ve been through a few semesters, I think I finally have a grasp on the type of student I am and how I need to go about having a successful semester and finishing it strong!


I’m not sure if you are anything like me, but I need reminders 24/7! If i’m not looking at it, then it’s not on my mind anymore and I won’t remember to do it later. Something that I have integrated into my life is similar to a semester on a page, except that it’s a lot bigger and it’s in my room, so I am forced to look at it all the time. Not only do I have that made, I laid out my semester in my planner as well and I have important deadlines on my phone calendar too that reminds me two days before an assignment is due.

Something I already have done that ended up helping me a lot is setting up D2L to remind me of when I have quizzes and assignments due as well. Not only does D2L text me about deadlines, they also send me emails so there is no way for me to forget about it.

The thing with me is I always start out with good habits and being organized, but then the semester gets chaotic and I lose my way. These different ways of organization and reminders have helped me so far this semester and I’ve stuck to them pretty well! I hope you were able to take some ideas away from my chaotic mess and I hope the rest of your semester goes amazingly!



Registration Day Gone Wrong

16 Apr

Registering for classes can be extremely stressful without the right preparation. My most recent registration for my Fall of 2018 classes was a breeze, but my past experiences have been pretty stressful. Hopefully my 2 experiences of registration failures can help you all avoid any future registration difficulties.

1.) The time I overslept.


Setting your alarm the night before class registration is essential. Class registration begins at 6AM on a Monday. Somehow, I fell asleep without setting my alarm the previous night. This resulted in me waking up 2 hours past the registration and only be able to register into half of my selected classes. This wasn’t too bad since I was only a sophomore and still had plenty of other classes I could have enrolled in at the time. But now that I am a Junior, a minor slip up like this could result in me not getting in an required classes and worse case scenario having to graduate a semester late.

2.) Woke up on time with no classes in my shopping cart.


After oversleeping my first time registering for classes I made it a priority to make sure that I woke up on time to register for all my classes. Consequently, I must have forgot to actually make sure that I had all of my classes into my shopping cart. This resulted in me having an anxiety attack at 6 in the morning, while trying to add as many classes as I can to my shopping cart for registration. Luckily, I was able to register into all of my desired classes with pretty good times that didn’t conflict with my work schedule.

Im glad to say that these were my only two experiences of failure with class registration. For the most part, I’m kind of happy that these failures happened during my first years here at the University of Arizona. Hopefully, my two experiences will help you all avoid any registration difficulties in the future.


Until Next Time,

Darius Amos


Tips for a Better Registration

14 Apr

Registration is right around the corner. If you aren’t prepared, registration can definitely be a stressful time and you might not end up with the classes that you need or want. However, if you prepare ahead of time so you’re completely ready the day of, registration is sure to go smoothly. Here are my 9 top tips for a better registration.

  1. Meet with your advisor at least the week before your priority registration date. If you wait until the day before, you might not get in to see them. If you don’t see them, you might not get the classes you need. No matter how sure you are that you know what you should take, seeing your advisor never hurts and will make sure that you’re 100% on track.
  2. Have all your classes in your shopping cart ahead of time. This way, when 6:00 on Monday morning hits, all you have to do is click enroll and go back to bed. Plus, if there are any potential scheduling conflicts between classes you have to take, you’re aware of them and can figure out an alternative plan.
  3. Wake up at 5:45 on your registration day. Yes, it’s early and yes, it isn’t fun. But this way, you’ll be awake and alert, able to make sure your shopping cart is 100% ready, have your computer on, be logged into UAccess, and give yourself a little buffer if something were to go wrong with your computer or UAccess. Although we always hope that everything will work with technology, sometimes that isn’t the case. That 15-minute buffer before the official registration time will give you some breather room in case your computer decides to restart or some other issue.jim.gif
  4. Have a backup plan. Sometimes classes fill up as soon as the clock hits 6:00. If you have a backup plan for all your classes, you at least have something to fall back on before you can talk to your advisor so that all classes aren’t full by the end of the week.
  5. Click enroll right at 6:00 and don’t refresh your page. You might have to wait a few minutes due to the traffic on the site, but refreshing will just start you all over. Be patient and eventually it will enroll you in your classes.tom
  6. If you don’t get the classes you need and your backup plan fails, email your advisor right away. Be specific about the class you’re having problems with and what UAccess is saying that the problem is. If you’re detailed with the problem, they’ll be in a better position to help you quicker.
  7. Be patient with your advisor. During registration week, they’re swamped with emails, appointments, and phone calls. If you email, give them a couple days to respond. They will as soon as they can. If it’s getting to the point where your priority registration window is about to close and you still have issues, make an appointment to see them or go to walk-in office hours.patient
  8. Remember that your advisor is the expert and trust them. Just because your roommate’s sister’s boyfriend’s cousin said that you don’t actually need that class to graduate and to just skip it, if your advisor tells you what to take, listen to them.
  9. Don’t panic if things go wrong and you don’t get the class that you want or need. There are usually a lot of alternative options or plans that will keep you on track to graduate on time. If you stay calm and seek out help as soon as possible, there’s a good chance that things will get resolved smoothly.


Registration isn’t always fun, but if you’re prepared ahead of time, things are much more likely to work out and be stress-free. Take a little bit of time ahead of time to save yourself a lot of headache in the future! Happy registration!


Keep Pushing!

7 Apr

We finally made it to April, people! March seemed endless for sure, but we aren’t quite through with the school year yet. I know how hard it can be to stay motivated at this point in the semester. It seems like professors pile midterms and papers on at the same time, on the same day, in the same second (do they meet together and do this intentionally? probably not, but feels like it!). But to make it clear, it sometimes feels like at this point you’re just getting trampled with the load.

Cheezburger sports fail running ouch GIF

I’m here to tell you though, keep pushing! Whatever your dreams or aspirations are, hard work and dedication pay off in the end, and I really believe that. Now, I can understand if you don’t necessarily buy my word on that- as I, too, am just a mere college student- however, here are some really smart people saying stuff to the same effect:

Image result for importance of perseverance quotes

Image result for importance of hard work quotes

Image result for importance of hard work quotes

Disclaimer: I don’t really know who said the last one, but it’s a pretty background, right?

So whatever it is that motivates you: money, family, glory (or all of the above), keep going. You might not think that the Spanish quiz on Tuesday has any impact on your life overall, but study for it! Do great on it. Then, do the next thing on your list. And keep going. I really believe that our work ethic now will determine where we will land in the future.

Nike running nike marathon thirsty GIF

So, grab a bottle of water (or a Starbucks coffee) and get back on the track (or back in the library). Keep grinding and pushing. Hopefully, you’ll look like this guy up there^^.

Or… if you’re like me, you might look like this—->

 tv reactions running free run GIF

Whatever it takes though and however hard it is now, it’s going to be worth it! So good luck, Wildcats. Finish this semester off strong!

-Amna 🙂


Happy Future for the Folks Scared of the Future

7 Apr

Who wants to be happy?


Who is looking forward to the future?


Well to be completely honest, I don’t know exactly know what it is to have a happy future, but I do know that the future terrifies me.


this is literally me running away from anything that has to do with the future

So, all my scared folks in the back, this is for you; some tips and tricks on how to have more positive-vibed weeks and days ahead.

1. Breathe

The first thing we need to remember is that we cannot control everything. Grades don’t always go according to plan, friends aren’t always forever by your side, and sometimes it rains on the days we need it not to. But don’t fret!


We all need to learn that if it’s out of our hands, why have all the unnecessary stress of things we can’t control?

2. Where do you want to go?


Scariest question someone can ask you. Yes, I agree. However, just ask yourself, where do you want to go? This doesn’t have to be for like 10 years from now. Start small. Where do you want to be tomorrow? Next week? By the end of this semester? -this isn’t always academically either! This can be emotionally, or for your exercise routine, your cooking experience, the amount of water you drink daily, it doesn’t matter. Once you can answer where you want to be, you can start planning how to get there.

3. Fail a little

Now that you know where you want to be, it’s time to start experimenting. I said EXPERIMENTING not perfecting. Let’s be real. Nothing is perfect. And no plan goes perfectly the first time. So, if you fail your new eating plan, or you order take out 4 days in a row instead of cooking, it’s OKAY.


Even Thor fails a little.

4. Now succeed


Now that you know what didn’t really work for you, start doing some research. See what methods have worked for other people, what they have used to motivate them. Find your motivation, find what makes going on your adventure worth it.

5. Smile!

I hate being told to do this, but what I mean is that if you aren’t finding yourself smiling about the thoughts of where you want to be, or at least something along the journey, you should reconsider your goals. I’m not saying you should be smiling 24/7 -because again, no one ever does- I’m just saying, your future goals and your future you should make you smile a little!


That’s all I’ve compiled so far, and I know, it’s not much, but I can promise you, as a scared, sometimes pessimistic college kid, I’ve used these to plan my future adventures. I’ve realized that some of my plans have gone completely haywire, and some of them have bloomed into semi-decent flowers.


so, cheers to us for making it so far!

Adventure -and the future- is out there, folks. Just make sure you pack some positivity, patience, and snacks!


Stay rad,

Lils xx

An Open Mind Opens Doors

7 Apr

Now that it is my third year at the university, I’ve come to learn a few things about managing my life as well as growing as an individual. While both of these aspects can be interrelated, what has helped me as a college student is being able to say yes to more opportunities. The more tasks I take one, I realize I am capable of doing more. Which is ironic because when I look back to freshman year, I was taking on a lot less and I had thought there was no time in the world to do everything that needed to be done. Doing more without overworking myself is what has helped me stay on the right track throughout my college career and is what I am doing to create a better future for myself.

Learning how and when to say yes to new opportunities can open many incredible doors in the future. I’m not saying you should say yes to every single opportunity that comes your way, but that you should keep an open mind and put yourself out there more often! Whether you’re thinking about joining a club, applying for a new job, or looking for an internship, you have to shoot for the stars! Whatever you do, don’t limit yourself. Go for your goals!

Trying new things may feel uncomfortable at first. But, it is the best thing you can do for yourself. Even taking baby steps can make a difference! For example, say maybe there is a school club that keeps trying to reach out to you, and you keep telling them you’re not interested (even though you are you just don’t want to go to the meeting at 7pm). Go attend the meeting for the first time! Who knows, you may really enjoy it and end up sticking with it! If not, at least you can say you tried. You can make new friends, further your career, and make amazing memories by just taking a little risk of coming out of your comfort zone. I promise you will thank yourself later!=


#MiddlingMarch: Massages for Days

4 Apr

Since it is mid-semester now, and projects, papers, and tests continue to miraculously flow out of the brains of our teachers, it can be an easy way to build tension not only in your body, but also in your mind.


Mid-semester is a difficult time for everyone, and I think that it can be easy to fall into the pit of “I just want school to be over”.

But there are a couple of ways to treat yourself this semester, to bring back some of those positive vibes and rejuvenate yourself for the rest of the semester.

I decided to go with a quick and relatively cheap route: Getting a massage at the Rec.


Now you can check out the rates and massage therapists on the Rec centers website, but basically the longer you are there for, the cheaper it is. I, being a broke college student with zero time, chose to cheapest and quickest option: a 30 minute massage.


Now I had experienced real massages before on one occasion, so I had a little bit of an idea what to expect. I prepared to relax and make this 30 minutes last as long as possible.

When you are getting a massage I feel like your mind finally gets a chance to rest, if not completely shut off (by falling asleep). It is a time to just feel your body and get in touch with elements of yourself that often go forgotten. Some examples are your breath, your heartbeat, the tension in your muscles finally relaxing, and so on.

giphy (1).gif

After the massage, I, of course, felt like a complete bowl of jello, but in a totally awesome way. I highly recommend getting a massage anywhere if you can, whether it is in a professional studio, the Rec, or those tiny kiosks in the mall (maybe not this one), but regardless remember to take at least a small portion out of your day to slow yourself down a bit and just do something for you!



#MiddlingMarch: Cures for Homesickness

3 Apr

As we head towards the most dreaded part of the semester it is easy to want to give up and miss home the most. I know that when I get the semester blues I start missing my mom more than usual. There is nothing wrong with missing home or feeling blue as long as you don’t let it get in the way of your school work. Here are some things I like to do to get a little taste of home until my next visit.


Calling your parents when you are missing them is a great way to deal with the anxiety of wanting to go home. That usually works for me, but when it is not enough, I need something more physical. My mom happens to make the best chicken enchiladas so when I am really missing home I give her a call and ask for a yummy recipe. This not only gives me an excuse to give her a call but I also get to eat delicious food. Eating meals that I would normally eat at home makes me feel like I am there and it can really help you mediate through the semester blues.


Another thing that I like to do to feel like I am home is to listen to music. Music always makes me feel better and is always a form of escape from school. When I am missing home, I like to listen to the type of music my family would play on a road trip. For me, this includes Spanish Rock music from the 80’s but for you, it can be anything else! The great thing about this is that there can always be something to make you feel better. The semester blues are only temporary and you can tackle them with a little positivity, after all, you are halfway done with the semester!