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#OutrageousOctober: Zombie Apopcalypse Readiness Class

31 Oct

This month I was able to release my inner Selena from 28 Days Later and practice archery targeting for #OutrageousOctober. I’ve had my fair share of target practice from gun ranges and skeet shooting but when it comes to the Zombie Apocalypse, bullets might be a lot harder to come by.


It was really awkward for me at first to hold the bow and aim, but after a few complete misses my hand-eye coordination came back to me with a vengeance and I was hitting the target like an old pro. I can definitely see myself going to more archery classes in the future because bow rental is so much cheaper than renting a gun and buying the ammunition. Archery even allows you to get creative with the things you launch at  your targets.

Untitled 1

Now that I’ve conquered this zombie survival skill, I’m ready for more training like hand-to-hand combat for those rowdy survivors or common thieves and even knife practice for when it comes down to not having bullets or arrows. If the zombie apocalypse does hit and I’m still human, I’ll be looking for my fight team. If you’re looking for one more, I’m your girl!