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#NovemberToRemember: It’s the Little Things

24 Nov

In one week, I did all of this, it started my November off right and really made a #NovemberToRemember. 


I’m a senior at the University of Arizona and I consider myself someone who is very involved on campus and in campus culture. But before this year, I had never attended a single Homecoming event. After writing a blog that went out early this November about Homecoming, I figured I should probably go and see what all the hubbub is about.

I started with The Lighting of the “A.” It took place on the first REALLY windy day this fall, which is just a calm way of saying IT WAS FREEZING! But once the “A” was finally lit, it was beautiful. Pro tip: if you go, depending on what you want to see, you don’t have to be there the moment the event starts. If you just want to see when the “A” gets lit, head over a little late. 


This picture does not do the “A” justice.

My next event was the bonfire. This time I prepared for the cold… but it wasn’t cold that day. I don’t think I had seen so much U of A spirit in one place before (and yes, I have attended sporting events on campus). I had no idea what to expect from this event, but we sang Bear Down who knows how many times and got pepped up for the game. Oh, and the fire was HUGE! Pro tip: this event does not last as long as you think – it was about 1 hour in total. 


Oooo, Fire!

Saturday morning, one of my best friends came back to campus for homecoming. I had not seen her since May, so I was excited to say the least. I headed over the mall and it was so much fun to see all the activities. I watched some of the sororities and fraternities stroll. Then my friend and I walked around the mall to catch up. Pro tip: the mall is extremely crowed, so expect a lot of people and make sure you wear something UA. 


One of my favorite Alumni, Beka.

After all of this, I have started to get this whole Homecoming thing. I loved the spirit that homecoming brought to campus. 

Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch

I have been to the Ostrich ranch a few times before and I love this place. If you have ever driven between Tucson and Phoenix, you know the place I’m talking about. It’s at the base of Picacho Peak and is THE BEST THING EVER. I went with my roommate from freshman year. We got to feed donkeys, deer, old goats, baby goats, prairie dogs, ducks, lorikeets, and ostriches! 


Two Lorikeets decided to pick through my hair

They are also known for their Monster Truck tour. The whole experience is educational and fun. You learn about the desert, ostriches, and whip lash! We also went Ostrich Fishin’ — I am not going to spoil the surprise for you by telling you what that is, but trust me, it’s fun.  


Trust me, it’s a great time.

All Souls Procession

Like Homecoming, I had never been to this event and I have wanted to go since my freshman year. I had a rough go of preparation, my make-up didn’t turn out as good as I hoped and I was running late so I didn’t get to finish all of my decorations. We did not know the exact parade route and ended up speed walking 2 miles to find this parade because I had to see it! When we finally found it, the parade was so cool! It is a celebration of those we have lost and  it brings out lots of the Tucson community. It was nice to be a part of a peaceful celebration of those we love. 


A random soul I met that night.

Sometimes its the series of little things that make a time in your life unforgettable.