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A Promise is a Promise… Pinky Promise.

8 Nov

How to be your best self without losing yourself and all the while keeping your promises…

We all have been there. You open your calendar, planner, phone app and realize, shoot, I don’t even have room to add this new event to my planner. How am I possibly going to make this fit (literally on the page, and in my life)?

As a college student you are faced with making, keeping and remembering plans every day. Investing the time and energy to get yourself organized by using an organizational system is worth the upfront minimal cost and time. Bottom line: Invest now and see benefits later. Here is an outline to help you get organized and keep all of your calendar promises. Keeping a promise is what keeps you connected to your friends, school and family, so be sure you stay on top of it all.

Some people are incredible and can simply remember all their meetings and obligations while others, like myself, need to have it written down somewhere easy to find, and with enough room to add all the things they do.

Step 1: Purchase a schedule, calendar or download an app that will keep you organized!

Staples, the UA Bookstore, Office Depot and practically any other store you think of sells calendars and planners. You can pick one up for minimal cost and it will pay for itself with the time and stress it saves you.

Some apps that are great are:

Trello– Literally this app advertises itself as able to organize anything, and they aren’t joking!

Astrid Task Manager- This app reminds you of all your events and promises and you can customize lists for yourself or others.

Step 2: Fill out the calendar, planner, or app

It is one thing to have the right tools, but you need to use them! Even if you start by just writing only your homework in it. Practice using it and in no time you will be a scheduling pro!

Step 3: Check it!

Whatever you use, check it and check it often! A few times I have gone to bed peacefully, and then, all of a sudden, I wake up at 11:50 pm and remember… I have a quiz and it is due in 9 minutes!! Checking your planner will help you keep on top of all the things going on in your life and you won’t miss any D2L exams or quizzes.

Step 4: Schedule fun things

Okay, so this isn’t really the most important step in the list, but making time to do fun things or for yourself is just as important as the rest of the things you have going on. You can’t be your best self, when you don’t feel like yourself, so remember to take care of yourself.

These steps are easy and will become easier with practice and time. Once you have done this for a couple of weeks you will be known for your timeliness, lack of stress and for always being accountable. What professor doesn’t like that?!