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Keep Moving Forward!

27 Mar

I don’t know about anyone else, but spring semester is always the hardest one for me. With fall semester, I start out so energized and ready to learn, but spring just seems to drag on and on. Unfortunately, spring semester is pretty important so I have had to find ways to keep energized and strong until summer break arrives. Here are three ways I have come up with to keep my scholastic energy flowing:

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Changing something up

This semester I decided to change my hair color. I know that it might not seem like much, but it really helps me. It kind of gave me a new start. Now that there are only 7 weeks (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) left until summer, I needed a little oomph, and dyeing my hair was just what I needed to push me to exceed.


Reorganize notes 

This one is not quite as fun as dyeing hair, but after I hit the halfway mark I feel the need to reorganize. Going through my notes and refreshing myself on the material I learned in the previous 8 weeks is really helpful. I am able to recall things that, let’s face it, I forgot over spring break. I am also able to see where I can improve on note taking and studying.


Become more active

I know that as a college student, you often feel like you can’t afford to do all the things you want to do. That might be true, but there are plenty of free options too! The most important thing to remember is to get out and not just study. Yes, I know studying is very important, but it will drive you INSANE without proper breaks. Go outside and look at the stars, go hiking one day, or go for a swim at Campus Rec!


After everything, just remember that it will be summer soon and it will all be worth it!


5 Tips on How to Balance Your Life

10 Jan

If you are at all like me, you have a million different things happening in your life at once. You have classes to get to, a job to keep, friends to hang out with, homework to complete, laundry to do… after you balance all of that for awhile, your life seems like a swirling mass of routine chaos. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are 5 tips on how to maintain balance in your life.

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1) Keep a Planner

I know that you have heard this one a million times before, but that is because it really does help. If you have everything written down, then you are less likely to forget something, and you can see how much time you have to relax.

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2) Just Say No

It is okay to tell your friends you can’t hang out today because you have other things to do. They will understand! By doing this, you will have plenty of time to finish your paper and do your laundry without having to stay up until four in the morning.

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3) Eat Healthier and Exercise

Sometime this can be tough because unhealthy food is so much cheaper and easier to come by, but even if you change out one unhealthy meal a day for a healthier one, you will start to see a change in your life. There are ways to eat healthy on campus, and there are services that can help you go off campus to get healthy foods as well.

There are a million places on campus to exercise. Trust me I know that exercising is exhausting, and you have a million things to do so you don’t have time to do it, but I have found that I actually have more energy after I exercise than I did before I started. Now I exercise before I go and start on my homework because I have found that it helps me focus.

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4) Focus on Studies

Believe it or not, but you are actually at the University to get a degree, so you should probably focus on that. Yes, it is okay to have fun and go out with friends and assert your independence, but that’s not what you’re paying for. I know it isn’t always fun to stay in and do homework, but you’ll find that when you avoid procrastinating until the last minute, you understand more of what happens in class. Plus if you have no idea how to do your homework correctly, you have the chance to go in and talk to your professor, a chance that is lost if you wait until the very last minute.

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5) Talk to Someone Outside of Tucson Regularly

Sometimes while we are at school, we forget that other things exist outside of campus life. By talking to someone outside of Tucson (whether it be a parent, a sibling, or friend) you will find that your problems seem a bit less overwhelming. An important thing to remember when doing this is that you shouldn’t spend the whole conversation talking about your problems at school…that kind of defeats the purpose.

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Since doing all of these things I have found that my stress levels have gone way down, and my life seems much more balanced.

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– Christine Ellis

New Year’s Resolutions

16 Dec

At the beginning of each year, many of us make grand resolutions to better ourselves, and many of us fall short. The reason many of us weasel out of our resolutions, is because we over exert ourselves in the first few days and lack the dedication to continue throughout the year. The best way to ensure success, is to start small and build up to the larger routines over the course of a month-which is the recommended time for a habit to be formed. Here are some of the most common resolutions and how to stick with them.

1. Losing Weight – Don’t Stuff Yourself

giphy (2)

If losing weight is your resolution, the first tip is to not stuff yourself on the days leading up to the 1st. Most people like to get all their bad habits out of their system by overindulging and then going cold turkey, but this doesn’t give your body time to adjust. For the best results, try to cut back a little at a time before January 1st.

2. Exercising More – Don’t Overexert Yourself


For those of us that are not used to exercising on a regular basis, it’s important to start of slow and ease into the more advanced workouts. The first session should be used to find your limits and go at a pace that feels challenging but not impossible to maintain. It is best to get involved in group workouts like classes at a gym, or doing activities with a partner like going for a run. Having someone there when you workout keeps you accountable and will help you be more successful in the long run. There are also 30 day workouts that can be done at home if you can’t make it to the gym on a regular basis. Find something that works for you and stick with it for the first 30 days and then build from there.

3. Learn Something New – Fight the Boredom


In college we are all constantly forced to learn something new for a quiz, exam, paper, or presentation, but sometimes it’s nice to learn something for ourselves – such as learning to sew, cook, or make art. Learning a practical or stress relieving skill is a very good decision to make while in college. Before choosing a hobby, try out a few options to see what you’re most interested in. After picking something to learn, set mini-milestones for yourself to ensure your progress throughout the first month and then throughout the year.

4. Be More Organized – Make a Plan and Stick With it


Getting organized pertains to all areas of your life, from your closet and desk to computer files and daily routine. Adding order to your life before the start of the spring semester is a great goal to set, but hard to maintain the whole way through. It is important to start early and to diligently stick with your organizational system through the first month. Try using an agenda or a scheduling program on your computer or phone to keep yourself on track with assignments and classes. Evaluating yourself every week can also lead to better organization- if the week was hectic and you got off track, re-organize and start over. Don’t give up – keep working at it.

5. Spend Less – Don’t Be Like Fry


Saving money can be extremely difficult as a college student. Every little purchase adds up over time. For those who live on campus, eating every meal at the Union can not only be tiring, but also pricey. Try stocking up on foods that can be prepared in your dorm room or in the common kitchen such as soups, sandwiches, cereal, mac n’ cheese, or other small meals. Eating in your dorm at least once a day can save hundreds in the long run. It can also be difficult to say no when your friends ask you to go out to dinner or the mall, but try to find less expensive things to do like staying in and having a movie night or going bowling.


Take a Study Break

12 Dec

The finals season is one of the hardest parts of the semester. This is a time when everyone is stressed beyond belief and running on fumes. This is why study breaks are so important. It is necessary to your well being to eat well, get an adequate amount of sleep (a minimum of 6 hours), get some exercise, and have some fun! Here are some study break ideas to help relieve some stress and get you ready for finals.

1. Take a Nap

Naps can be a great way to break up study sessions and give your mind a rest. Just be sure to limit your naps to 45 minutes by setting an alarm or asking a roommate to wake you up. If you don’t, you might hit a rut and decide to sleep through some much needed studying time. kitty

2. Treat Yo’ Self

It’s always nice to reward yourself with a healthy or not-so-healthy snack after a long study session. As we all know, food becomes energy, so snack it up!



3. Walk it Off

Sometimes life just knocks you down with all of its demands of exams, essays, and presentations. So what you have to do is just walk it off and clear your head.


4. Create Something

Working with your hands can help release all the pent-up feelings and tension. Try doodling, painting, knitting, or even cooking. Doing something completely unrelated to studying and physical activity can have very positive outcomes.



5. Work it Out!

Utilize your resources by going to the Rec and getting your sweat on! Get your heart rate up and go for a run or, if you’re too lazy to get dressed and go outside, do some quick indoor exercises like squats during commercial breaks and some push-ups every time there is a holiday commercial on TV.



6. Therapy Animals

Petting furry animals like dogs, cats, and guinea pigs improves your emotional health and warms your heart. For people that don’t have pets, go to a pet store and ask to hold some of their animals.


7. Karaoke Time!

Have a jam out session! Sing at the top of your lungs and dance it out.


8. Laughter is the Best Remedy

Laughing relieves stress and puts you in a better mood. Watch a funny movie or youtube video. Go on tumblr or 9gag and gets some laughs in. Here are some gifs to get you started:






Hope these tips help, and good luck on finals!




#StudiousSeptember: Climbing to the Top

2 Oct

Let me start off by saying this: I am not a big fan of heights. The thought of heights makes me feel light-headed and nervous even right now as I’m sitting in this chair typing this up.


I am, however, a big fan of adventure, adrenaline, and any challenging activity out there that I have never tried. Let’s be clear about something: my adrenaline junkie side overrules my fear of heights. So, what better idea than to do an activity that would challenge my fears, right?

In reality, this little venture wasn’t something I planned. My significant other decided that Sunday fun day would consist of rock climbing and I was more than thrilled about the idea!

Once I got there, it was a whole new ballgame. The walls were covered in beautiful (and intimidating) objects shaped and colored in fun variations. I later learned that these objects were termed handholds and footholds.


I also learned really soon that I had lucked out in wearing pants. My partner got to experience the wrath of the harness and was left with a bit of bruising on her right thigh. OUCH! In all honesty, it was kind of my fault too… I was a pretty terrible belayer.


Any who, after gearing up (harness on and shoes ready) I proceeded to get tutored on the basics of rock climbing. This is what I learned:

1. It’s all about that double figure 8 knot. Learn it, appreciate it, and respect it.


2. The harness will be uncomfortable. Deal with it and squirm a bit around to make it less awkwardly uncomfortable.

3. Your life is in the hands of your belayer. Even with my partner being my belayer, this fact made me nervous.


4. Feed enough rope to the climber or else they become very unhappy after.

5. Don’t feed so much rope all at once. This will cause the climber to descend very rapidly. This, however if done carefully, is a pretty funny way to scare them a bit. I, by no means, advocate this action. Be a safe climber/belayer, people.

5. When other rock climbers rate the specific formation a 9 or 10, it’s serious. Don’t underestimate the numbers or the names.

6. Starting your climbing experience at a 5 isn’t anything to be ashamed of. Stand proud, newbies! We will gain experience and conquer higher numbers soon!


7. Have fun! Yes, this activity can be challenging and competitive (in cases with two competitive individuals), but remember to enjoy yourself and have fun!

8. When you’re arms start to feel like noodles, you’ll more than likely slip off if you try to climb up. Know your limits and if you’re going to push them, be safe and prepared.


9. Rock climbing might be the best exercise I have found yet!

During my experience, I learned some new terms, some new skills, and a new hobby that provides me with everything that’s important to me: challenge, exercise, excitement, and fun!



There’s Nothing THONG with Staying Healthy!

16 Jan

You see what I did there? Well, if you don’t yet, you will by the end of this post!

Coming to college can be a tough transition. Many times, when we talk to you about balance in your life, we talk about how you need to keep your academic, social life, sleep schedules, and other priorities in check. You get that drilled into your head in college. What many people don’t remind you about is how important it is to balance your health and wellness too.

Health really covers a lot of ground, too — from exercising to sleeping to sexual health to making sure you don’t get sick. The balance that you exhibit in academic and person life needs to extend to these topics.

Exercise is beneficial in so many ways, but for some people (myself included!) it’s hard to motivate yourself to go workout. Others are natural athletes who can run a mile and not break a sweat. Not everyone is like that, though. The most important thing is to remember that that is TOTALLY fine. It’s not about being a size zero or having the biggest biceps in your history lecture. You should love your body however it is. Exercise should not be simply for the sake of losing weight or gaining muscle mass. That can be a (positive) byproduct, but exercising should be a means to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Remember, as a student, you pay a Rec Center fee every year with tuition. Why not use it? There are also low-cost classes including yoga, spin classes, and Zumba available to students.

An activity and words of wisdom about body image from The Naked Roommate: And 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into in College by Harlan Cohen:


Stand in front of the mirror wearing the tightest thong possible. Don’t look away. The things you see hanging out of your thong are the things that you need to embrace or change in a healthy way. The things you can’t change — embrace them. Change the things you don’t love and love the things you can’t change.

Bottom Line: No matter the size of your bottom line, someone will want it

Along with exercise, sleep as much as you need to! I’ve seen too many people get sick because they’re burning the candle at both ends and don’t find enough time to rest!

As you may have heard, a lot of people have been coming down with the flu. Sooooo, the best thing you can do for yourself is avoid getting sick. Exercise, eat balanced meals, use hand sanitizer, and visit Campus Health if you do get sick! It’s easy to justify to yourself that spending money to go to the doctor for just a cold is silly, but when that simple cold turns into painful bronchitis, the $20 you would have spent for a quick visit to campus health doesn’t seem so frivolous!

Another aspect of health that you need to keep in mind is sexual health. This is usually one that most people like to avoid because, let’s be honest, it’s awkward to talk about sex (just ask some of the facilitators who helped Campus Health pass out free condoms on Free Condom Friday! Approaching people about sex is tough!). And that’s okay. But, don’t be too afraid to ask for information about how to protect yourself. There’s an entire section on the Campus Health website with information. You can always go see the health educator, Lee Ann Hamilton (who I’ve met and can personally attest to her approachability and outrageous sense of humor). The information is out there, and I don’t want to bore you with another sex talk. But, make good choices. Or, as Coach Carr of Mean Girls infamy says, you could get chlamydia and die!

mean girls

Stay safe, healthy, and balanced Wildcats! Do you have any health and wellness tips for the rest of us?