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#NovembertoRemember: Arkansas, Here I Come!

5 Dec

Boarding the plane, I was nervous, my heart was racing, and I was biting my nails. I was excited that I would be seeing my brother’s last college home game of his life, but getting on the plane to go to Arkansas was its own obstacle.

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To begin with, my flight was scheduled to leave at 2 o’clock in the morning on Friday. But my Thursday schedule was hectic. I woke up at 6 o’clock in the morning, was done with school at 4:45, had to pack when I got home, left Tucson at 7 o’clock, drove to Phoenix, waited on my parents and went to the airport. Even though my Thursday was busy, I still was able to make the best out of my long day.


I had a layover in Dallas. We took a train to go from one terminal to the next. This train moved so fast. This was the first time I have never been on something like this.

From that point forward I was just that much more excited about traveling to Arkansas. Once we landed in Fayetteville, Arkansas is when all the fun and memories began.



On Saturday, game day, my family and I were able to be on the field while both teams warmed up. After they warmed up, the boys went in the locker room and they called all the seniors out individually. When they called my brother’s name we walked in the middle of the field and took a family photograph. The sits we were sitting at to watch the game was so close to the field. Everything that happened on the trip was something I have never experience before. Overall, this was a very fun and exciting trip that I will always remember.



Homecoming Isn’t Just for Alumni

31 Oct

If you haven’t realized it yet, Homecoming is a BIG deal at UA and it’s right around the corner. After so many years, we have a lot of traditions to uphold. And this year is super special because it’s our 100th homecoming! So what actually happens during Homecoming you ask? Well keep on reading!

The week starts off  with the Lighting of “A” Mountain!

This is when the Bobcats Senior Honorary lights flares all across the “A” on A Mountain, making the UA logo visible throughout Tucson. One of the best spots to view this process are on campus parking garages. The Student Alumni Ambassadors actually hosts a party FO’ FREE at the top of Main Gate parking garage with free food and music. This is a great opportunity to watch UA and the Tucson community come together to show school spirit and enjoy one another for a great night of fun and food.

That being said, this happens on November 2nd this year… hopefully you make it out for the event, otherwise, keep it in mind for next year! It is extremely fun and who wouldn’t want to see this view!


One of the biggest events on campus the week of homecoming is Club Olympics, which is put on by ASUA and Bobcat Senior Honorary. 

It’s a super intense, three-day long competition. In the past, the competition has included pie eating contests, dunk Reff (one of the ECON 200 professors) into a water tank, flip cup (using water of course!), and mud tug-of-war on the last day. Most clubs on campus participate. They create chants, dress up in team outfits, it’s. so. much. fun.

All of this occurs on the UA Mall, and whether or not you are participating in Club Olympics, it’s always hilarious to watch! 

Friday November 7th are our two night events, Bear Down Friday and the Homecoming Bonfire in front of Old Main. Bear Down Friday, which you may be familiar with already, is taken to a whole ‘nother level. We don’t want to spoil it for you so make sure you check it out for yourself. The Bonfire is one of our favorites for Homecoming. We guarantee it will be one of the biggest bonfires you will see in the state of Arizona! Both are tons of fun and completely free to attend!  


Saturday is THE BIG DAY! This is when our Homecoming Parade and Football game go down! The parade starts at 2pm on the UA Mall. Many clubs participate and members of the Tucson community make floats, bring out their classic cars, and get pumped for the game wearing their red and blue. The celebrations continue right up until kick off at 6pm.


With all that going on, Homecoming is a very busy time for all of us. Just remember, it isn’t just about alumni coming back to campus, it’s also about you connecting to your school traditions and enjoying your time to the highest level. Don’t miss out on the fun… it only happens once a year!

-Elena & Ciara


Stoked for the Big Game

31 Jan

I don’t know about you, but I can never get enough football. Obviously, I prefer to be watching our Arizona Wildcats but usually I’m happy watching anyone except ASU play. Now that I think about it, I watched a lot of football over winter break with all of the bowl games and the pro games. What can I say? I just love it!

I think my love for football started around age four when my dad taught me how to throw a football. He played for the UofA as a receiver, so I loved it because he loved it. You see, football was on every weekend in our house, so I always wanted to understand why my dad would focus so hard on the television and critique each play. He tried to explain the game to me but the only thing I could kind of grasp was a “beautiful pass.” It wasn’t until I was older that I really appreciated the true beauty of a nice pass. Dad would say things to the TV like “you gotta read that,” or “where was the coverage.” I was confused because there weren’t any words to read. Little by little, I started to get it, and now I analyze each play just like him. I’m sure my family looks funny when we watch football because my dad and I sit there and quietly critique the game while my mom and sister pace around the room, jump up and down, and scream at the TV.

My family is a perfect example of intense, dedicated fans. One thing that motivates me to support a team is their intense focus on their job, motivation to improve and do their best, and their dedication to the success of their team. All fans support their team, whether they’re winning or losing, but when you can see the players’ hard work paying off, that’s when the fan-spirit is heightened. Team pride is represented by the fans, but the players have to create the foundation of enthusiasm. Everyone wants to win, but the players are the only ones who can make it happen.

Working for Arizona’s football team last year really solidified my admiration for the sport. I saw how hard the team worked, the high numbers of personnel involved in its success, and the need for full team unity. To me, football used to be just throwing a football and hoping someone catches it. Now I know there’s an art to their plays and formations, meticulously placing their strongest assets, quickly reading the opponents moves and thinking fast, and understanding teammates’ and their own strengths and weaknesses on the field. I respect the sport and the players and enjoy analyzing the differences in every team, how they work together, and how their coach and quarterback think quickly under stress. Each team puts their own twist on the sport, making every game dynamic and unpredictable.

It’s gratifying to watch a team evolve throughout the year. Seeing them make it to the playoffs is an accomplishment alone, but when they make it to the Super Bowl, I can’t help but feel ecstatic for both of the teams and their fans.

This year’s battle will be Denver versus Seattle. A fun fact: this is only the third time that both teams in the championship game have an animal nickname. This will be the seventh championship game for Denver since their creation in 1960, and only the second for Seattle who has been around since 1976. It should be a good game with closely matched teams coming in with 15-3 records.

We’ll see if the weather has any impact on their performance. The forecast predicts it will be around 30 degrees at kickoff which is better than what they had predicted. Planning was in place to deal with unbearably cold temperatures because it is in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The stadium even employed 1,600 workers to be on call to shovel away snow just in case. Next year, you can bet the game will be a little warmer because it will be held at the University of Phoenix stadium.

Football won’t be the only art on Sunday. If you think about it, there’s the art of socializing, the art of overtopped hotdogs, hand made dips, and the estimated 1.25 billion chicken wings that will be consumed on Sunday. Gross!

Back onto a better image there’s also the art of the half time show. It gets more incredible every year, and this weekend Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers will be performing. Oh, and you can’t forget the art of the commercials. Whether they’re hilarious or moving, most of them are memorable. There are so many more reasons to watch than solely for the football.


The only time I enjoy watching commercials is during the championship game. Did you know, last year, the average cost for a 30 second commercial during the game was $4 million? That means a total of about $220 million was spent on advertisements. Since companies spend so much, it’s no wonder why they try to make their best commercials for this event. I thought the two Doritos commercials from last year were pretty funny. I’m excited to see what the ads will surprise us with this year.



If you’re getting pumped for Sunday’s game and wondering what you can do for it, I have a few suggestions for you.

First of all, you could always have some friends over and ask them to bring a dish to share. Maybe you’ve been dying to cook your favorite homemade enchiladas but you didn’t have a reason to cook a big dish. Now you do. You could also take a walk to University and watch the game at Gentle Bens, Frog & Firkin, No Anchovies, and the Auld Dubliner. They all have great food and plenty of TVs, so if you’re rooting for Seattle you can watch one TV, while the Denver fans watch a different one. You could also look up a fun restaurant in Tucson you’ve never been to before. Just be sure to check if they have TVs and will be playing the game. If you wear your favorite team’s jersey maybe it’ll strike up conversation and you’ll meet someone new. You have plenty of options, and it’s a great excuse to relax and have fun with friends. I will be watching the game at my place with some friends. So far, I’m planning on making my famous guacamole and my mom’s homemade hummus. My roommate will make her family’s chili and football-decorated cupcakes. I hope everyone has a fun weekend and can find something enjoyable about the event.

chili guacamole cupcakes
Get the recipes for these tasty foods from WildcatConnections’ Pinterest Board!

–Hannah McNeal

Footieball Survival for the Unenthused

31 Jan

Okay, so pretty much the biggest sporting event of the year is happening this Sunday. What could be more exciting? I mean, everyone loves watching the game…don’t they? Nope! I may be one of the few people on the face of the planet who doesn’t like football (at least it feels that way sometimes).  I just don’t understand the fascination with watching big, sweaty guys throw a weird shaped ball around for ten seconds at a time. And don’t even get me started on how five minutes on the game clock is not anywhere close to five minutes of real time. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

But, every year, without fail, I’m invited to watch the game with people who definitely wouldn’t understand my lack of enthusiasm about the sport. What’s a girl who dislikes football at a football fiesta to do? Sure, I could sit in a corner and sulk, while everyone else is buzzing about who scored the last…goal? I don’t know. Whatever it’s called. Anyway, pouting is definitely not the answer, nor is faking a stomachache and staying home bored.

While I may not enjoy the game, I still enjoy the parties, and the reasons why are simple – delicious, horrible-for-you food and some of the greatest commercials of all time. Just think of the intervals with actual football as a chance to load up another plate of artery-clogging goodness or take a potty break! My personal favorite is playing “ketchup” with my friends (over apps and zerts, of course)!

I’m a girl who loves to eat, and these are gatherings where no one is counting calories or worried about their salt intake. Score one for this food-lover. You’ve got this amazing spread of nachos, sandwiches, pretzels, chips, pizza, jalapeno poppers… my mouth is watering already! So much food, so little room in my tummy!


I’m not really sure what those green things are around the ranch dressing, but they definitely won’t be making it onto my plate…

If you’re one of the rare specimens who doesn’t enjoy a good game of football, let alone the most important one of the whole season, don’t be discouraged. Go to that party and find something you like about it. At the very least, you get to be social with your friends!

If you need some ideas for game day recipes, check out our new Pinterest board… that’s where I’ll be getting my (p)inspiration.