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#OutrageousOctober: Staying Strong Through the Twists and Turns

4 Nov

To get out of my comfort zone this October, I decided to face one of my biggest fears, roller coasters. I really don’t even hate roller coasters – I think they are awesome. The parts I hate are the heights and the fast speeds. Now I know that they don’t really break down all that often considering how many times they run, but what if I was that time?! For my birthday I was given season passes to Six Flags Magic Mountain in California and I thought that now was better than later to face my fears.


Now there are a number of big rides in the park to face my fears, but I decided to start small and ride a ride called The Revolution. This ride is just your basic roller coaster, goes fast but not too high and there is a loop. As the roller coaster came to the end of its run I just burst out laughing, I was completely terrified during the roller coasters run, and I knew that it was one of the smallest coasters in the park. I had to try something big something that would really give me a good example of how the day was going to go.  I was going to take on X2.

X2 is a crazy roller coaster that is sure to terrify anyone who goes on it. All of a sudden I became really quiet, my hands were clammy, and I didn’t feel  great. I felt sick for the entire 2 hour line wait. Finally it was there in all of its glory and I was terrified. It really didn’t help that my friend kept telling me completely bogus stories about the ride breaking down. The theme of X2 is that you’re in an unidentified aircraft entering a government restricted area. It was absolutely terrifying. I truly thought that I would never want to ride another roller coaster again when I finished, and that I would have a terrible time in the park for the rest of the day. But I was surprised….I really had a lot of fun. I can’t wait to take on more coasters.

Before the ride I felt like this: I was definitely a type A



After I was definitely type XTREME


Now I can face every roller coaster!

-Laura Hacker

Top 5 Halloween Movies

24 Oct

It’s that time of year again, pumpkins popping up everywhere, scary decorations, and lots of candy on sale. Halloween is right around the corner. and what better way to get in the spooky mood than curling up on your couch with some popcorn and a Halloween themed movie? So here are our top five picks for the season, enjoy!

1. Hocus Pocus

People might be tired of this one, but it’s a Halloween classic. So it’s number one.

2. Halloween

This one is on the scarier side. You could opt for the 1978 original or the 2007 remake. Or both.

3. Nightmare On Elm Street

The old version is a classic, the new…not so much. Either way, you get your Halloween-y dose of Freddy and that’s what really matters.

4. Scary Movie

Need a few laughs to get through those horror movies? Scary Movie is essential to your Halloween lineup. Wassssupppppp!

5. Halloweentown

A Disney Halloween gift to us all! Halloweentown still holds a place among the best since its premiere in 1998. (I was only four years old, so it probably scared the bejezus out of me back then.)

So heat up some cider, crank up your A/C so it actually feels like October should, and settle in for a night of freaky Halloween fun!

Honorable mentions: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Scream, Beetlejuice, Monster House, Edward Scissorhands.

5 Tips to Stay Safe on Halloween

24 Oct

So it’s your first year tasting college freedom. And boy, you can’t wait to use Halloween as an excuse to celebrate and consume copious amounts of those overpriced Fun-Sized candy bars (I know I can’t)!


But before you you head out for a night of spooky celebration, consider these 5 tips for staying safe:


It is crucial to keep a keen eye on the general setting, no matter if you are going out to celebrate at a party, or are hosting a get-together in your dorm/apartment/house. If you are having guests over, know who is staying, coming, and going. If you are going out, it is best to always have someone else with you, have emergency numbers in contact, and to have a safe means of transport to and from the location. All in all, just be prepared!


You might be thinking how obvious of a suggestion this is, but trust me, the festivities on All Hallows’ Eve can get really serious real quick. If you are going somewhere you are unfamiliar with, pay attention to street signs and parking signs. Be smart. Don’t drink excessively and get sloppy on Halloween night– the police tend to watch college campus activities very closely during this time.


For your own safety and the safety of others around you, don’t drive under the influence. You may not even want to wear a costume that includes props that could be mistaken with a real weapon. It also isn’t the best idea to dress up and pretend to be a cop either. Just don’t be an idiot. Period.



You’re thinking: “Also another given.” But you would be surprised how many people could use a reminder. Don’t accept drinks from strangers. Stay away from rowdy, overly crowed areas where people are under the influence. If a fight breaks out at an event you are attending, make sure to steer clear of anything or anyone that could harm you.


Above all, whether you stay home and stuff your face with a bowlful of candy corn or go out for a night on the town in your eeriest ensemble, make sure you’re havin’ some fun!


Happy Halloween!


When Halloween is Just Another Day

24 Oct

With all the buzz about Halloween coming up, sometimes people forget that not everyone actually celebrates this holiday. This could be for religious, personal, or other reasons. The worst thing about not celebrating a popular holiday is that while YOU may not celebrate it, chances are a good portion of your friends do. This leaves you in a bit of a predicament. Have no fear, I have some great ideas of what you can do this upcoming Halloween that doesn’t involve getting dressed up, or even leaving the house.

1) Stay in and binge watch Netflix. What could be better than watching all 9 seasons of Supernatural in one day? Watching all 9 seasons of Supernatural AND all 9 seasons of Criminal Minds!!!

Anti-Halloween 1

2) Catch up on your house work. Sometimes throughout the week you let things slide that you normally wouldn’t. Those dishes that have been piling up in the corner? Yeah, it’s time to take care of those…like now.

Anti-Halloween 3

3) Get ahead (or catch up) in your classes. You know how you have to read 300 pages by Tuesday? Why don’t you get started on that this weekend? By breaking the assignment up into smaller chunks, it will seem less daunting and you might actually enjoy it!

Anti-Halloween 2

4) Get ready for Registration! Go to UAccess and add classes into your shopping cart. Registration is just around the corner, and since you have some free time, why not spend it getting ready for next semester?

Anti-Halloween 4

I know that you do these things everyday, but that is the point! This is just another day that someone finds a little bit more important than you do. There is no reason that you should treat this day any differently than the rest.


Making UA Your New Home: Wildcat Connections October 28th – November 3rd Edition

28 Oct


Hot off the press!  Check out the latest edition of Wildcat Connections!  Missing mama’s homestyle cooking?  Joceline and Ciara eat at the new Bear Down Kitchen for the first time and share their experience on our UA Secrets video.  Missing someone taking care of you when you’re sick?  Visit the UA Health Promotion and Prevention Service to keep yourself healthy and happy.  This edition is full of insider info on campus resources and tips on how to make the university your home away from home… so click on the picture above and dig in!

Scare Ya’ll in the Hall

24 Oct

This Halloween two halls in particular will be holding  festivities the weekend before the haunted holiday.

Yuma Hall

  • “Midnight at the Carnival”
  • Thursday, October 25th from 7-10pm
  • Friday, October 26th from 8pm-Midnight
  • School Supplies and non-perishable food items are being collected to support the organizations “Jump Start”, “UA Campus Pantry” and the Tucson Food Bank
  • Games, movies and a Haunted Dungeon!


  • “Hoggoween”
  • Friday, October 26th from 7-10pm
  • Costume Contest!
  • Music, Food and Fun!
  • Click here to join the University of Arizona’s longest running Halloween Party!

Both of these programs are open to ALL  UA students!