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So College Isn’t as Easy as You Expected…

17 Sep

So you got your first exam grade back…





and it wasn’t what you were expecting.




But don’t give up and drop out just yet…



because it’s not the end of the world.




Many classes are “weed out” classes…



 they want to make sure you have what it takes.



So some students will drop and take the class another semester.



Others will just drop, change their major, and peace out for good.



But if you have the motivation and drive…



you’ll take that bad exam grade and stick with the class…



But you’ll have to make some changes.



Improve your study habits…



because cramming the night before isn’t going to cut it.



You’re not in high school anymore, Wildcats.



This is college life.



There is never a moment when you have no homework.



Because the end of the first exam is when you should start studying for the second.



So lift your head up…



and head to the library…



because one bad exam grade is not going to ruin your life.



And you’re going to rock that second exam.






Major Change Reporting for Duty!

23 Apr

Whether you came into college with a major picked out already, or thought you’d find one along the way, choosing a major and sticking to it is a huge anxiety for many students. Worse, after you choose a major, you may decide it’s not right for you. What do you do then?

Well, for too many students, step one means freaking out and talking yourself out of it. I mean, you’ve already put in so much work! How can you possibly throw all that away even if you hate your major classes and dread going? I’ll tell you how. Take a deep breath, follow your heart, and take the leap!

See, here was my strange journey. My freshman year, I started out with a history major and an adolescence, community, and education (ACE) minor. Then, my sophomore year, I added an English major. Second semester, I dropped my ACE minor. Junior year, I dropped my history major down to a minor, and added my ACE minor back. Only to drop that poor ACE minor once again. It was a bit of a juggling act, but all accomplished with absolutely zero waste! In just a few weeks, I’ll be graduating with an English major and history minor, on time and with just the right amount of classes to graduate.

That’s the trick to changing your major – look at your requirements and see what carries over. Best of all, there’s a handy tool called the What-If Report to do all that thinkin’ for you!

Introducing the What-If Report!

Introducing the What-If Report!

While your major change may not be as clean as mine, don’t let a few unnecessary classes that you took keep you from pursuing the major you want! Seriously, if you think throwing away an entire semester of classes is bad, think about how much worse staying in your unwanted major is. You spend four years and who knows how much money pursuing a degree for a career you don’t even want any more.

So, would you rather spend a bit of extra time in school because you changed your major, or spend your whole life in a job that makes you miserable?! Okay, so that last part may seem a bit dramatic, and maybe it is. But it’s not far off – that could happen. And changing your major and having a ton of classes become useless is a worst-case scenario. Chances are that your transition into a new field of study could be easy as pie!