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#StudiousSeptember: Tapping into My Inner Magician

7 Oct

I was not like the majority of kids at my elementary school. While they were dreaming of becoming race car drivers and spies for the CIA, I was planning my life out as a magician. I would spend my lunch hour in the school library, looking through magic books and reading about famous magicians like Houdini.

micky mouse

Although I did find the art of magic to be fascinating, I never really took the initiative of learning any magic tricks…until now. For Studious September I wanted to return to my childhood roots and finish a small dream that I never really saw through. I must mention that I will not be going into great detail of the magic trick I learned, after all a magician never reveals her secret.


Instead of learning a generic card trick or pulling a rabbit out of a hat, I thought I’d do something a bit more challenging and attempt to read someone’s mind. The mind reading trick I put into use involved asking an individual three questions; questions that I would be able to predict the answers to. As an example, I will use my friend Jennyfer. I sat Jennyfer down at the kitchen table in front of me, the only thing between us were six small pieces of paper that would serve as tools for the trick. I asked Jenny to think of a boy’s name, as she was doing this I wrote something on one of the pieces of paper, crumpled it up and placed it back between us. After doing this, I asked Jennyfer what the name she was thinking of was and wrote that down on another piece a paper that would later be used to confirm if my prediction was correct. I repeated this process two more times when I asked her to think of a girl’s name and to then decide between the colors black or white. Lastly, I asked Jennyfer to open up the crumpled pieces of paper I had made my predictions on and see if they matched the names and color she had chosen. Despite being skeptical, Jennyfer was in awe when she found out that they did!


I am not saying that I will ever be as good as Houdini, but if I keep this up it won’t be long before I have to enroll at Hogwarts!