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Surviving Family Weekend without the Family Part

9 Oct

It’s that time of the year again: family weekend. For some this is a great time to spend with your family doing fun activities around campus. For others, it is a time where you are reminded that you live far from home or that your family is unable to come for various reasons and you can’t have them here.

For those students whose family is coming for Family Weekend, yay for you! You have the chance to spend some much needed time with your family. You have the opportunity to go to a World Fair Expo, a Chili Cook-off (for $10), an Ice Cream Social, and a Casino night…and that is all on Friday! As you can see, there’s a plethora of activities for you to check out with your family and friends. While this is a weekend for families, please remember that some of your friends might not have family to hang out with. So feel free to invite them to hang out with you and your family, just make sure to make it clear to them if they have to pay for themselves so you can avoid potential awkwardness on that front! This is a weekend of inclusion.


For my freshman year, my family couldn’t come down from Phoenix to spend family weekend with me. At first I was really upset because I missed them. I wanted to show them around my school and just hang out with them for a little bit. Instead of moping around my dorm feeling sorry for myself, I was productive! The worst part about family weekend is that it falls right around midterms, so I utilized the fact that my roommates were hanging out with their families and set up a huge study session in my room. I invited everyone I knew who didn’t have family coming that weekend an we just studied all day. It was a very productive weekend that I wouldn’t have had if my family had come.


That weekend I also hung out with my friend’s family. While it was not the same as hanging out with my own family, they still made me feel welcome and wanted which was something I hadn’t realized I had been missing. So, if your family isn’t coming this weekend, don’t worry too much about it because you can still have a really fun weekend with your friends! And if you really want to go, but you can’t find anyone to go with, you could always go by yourself.


Please note that for this weekend, some activities require registration and others require an entry fee. You can get a look at the schedule here: Family Weekend.