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When Will My Reflection Show?

4 Sep

Graduating high school and moving forward into your freshman year in college can be scary, but also full of great opportunities to leave your comfort zone and discover new things about yourself. Whether it be acing a challenging course or creating a new circle of friends, you may come to find that the person you were in high school is just waiting to blossom into a new identity tailored to a promising college lifestyle. 


Let’s take a step back and do some self-analyzing. What type of person do you believe you were in high school? Were you a part of a sports team? Did you sing in choir, or act in a drama club? Were the people who you surrounded yourself with similar to you, or different? Personally, I was in my school’s marching band for two years, and made the majority of my friends throughout countless rehearsals and performances during football games and competitions. I loved it so much that before I knew it, I was contacting the band director of the Pride of Arizona at the end of my senior year. It wasn’t until after my potential section leader had emailed me all the paperwork and sheet music that I decided that I didn’t want to join the Pride of Arizona after all (it’s nothing personal, because the Pride of Arizona is amazing). I figured that my freshman year was the time to explore another side of myself and see what potential I had in other areas that I was interested in. But where was I going to start?


Thanks to the vast variety of courses that are offered at UA, I could explore my interests in new subjects while earning a grade for it at the same time! Your academic advisor is your best friend in college; they oversee your academic progress and where you’re at in meeting the requirements for your major, so they will always know how to point you in the right direction. Take the time to explore all the courses that meet your general education requirements, and pick the ones that immediately catch your attention. Normally I wasn’t too interested in any subject history related, but I found an anthropology course on UAccess that struck my interest and added it to my class schedule. I ended up absolutely loving that class and realized that minoring in anthropology wouldn’t be such a terrible idea. Of course, I did take classes that I knew I would be interested in, but this little epiphany was enough to wake me up and feed my desire to branch out even more.

Now if you’d rather get involved with something that isn’t so academic, may I suggest seeking out a club or organization to join? From Greek life to ZonaZoo, getting involved with life on campus is an excellent way to meet new people, and embrace that Wildcat spirit that we all hold dear to our hearts. The organization that I happened to stumble upon allowed me to reconnect with my Native culture and discover things that I never knew about my family. The Native American Student Affairs immediately encouraged me to get involved and get acquainted with other fellow Native American students. I became even  prouder of my culture than I already was, and realized that I would like to pursue a career that would help my people in one way or another. Being a part of something bigger than yourself can make you feel strong, invincible, and ready to take on the world!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not necessarily telling you to completely abandon who you currently are and become a new you overnight. As cheesy as it may sound, be proud of who you are! Use college as a way to amplify your personality, not drown it out. And along the way, discover new faces of your identity as you take on new courses, create new friendships, and get involved in extra curricular activities like you never have before!

You will all do beautifully, and welcome to the University of Arizona.


25 Things to Love About the UA

14 Feb

With all the love in the air, we thought it would be a great idea if we brought you 25 Things to Love About the University of Arizona! I surveyed different people in Student Affairs and asked them what they believed to be the best things about the university. Now take into account that everyone’s opinion is different, and this list is in no particular order! Enjoy.

  1. Outreach Facilitators: We are here to help facilitate your first year and make it as memorable as possible!
  2. BETTER THAN ASU: This came from an ex-Sun Devil… no need in saying which school she loved more, she’s still here.
  3. Wilbur and Wilma are married: It’s unique when schools have both a male and female mascot, but the UA upped the ante by marrying our mascots! Wilbur and Wilma Marry
  4. Weather: Let’s face it. Many people come to the U of A to enjoy the fact that it’s 99.9% sunny on campus.
  5. Steward Observatory Mirror Lab: Out lab has the world’s largest astronomical mirror ever made!
  6. Turtle Pond: What other campus has a turtle pond? It’s a great way to distress for a little while! In case you don’t know where the turtle pond is, it is conveniently located on the corner of 2nd Street and Park Avenue. Turtle Pond University of Arizona
  7. Safe Ride: Is fantastic for those late night study sessions. It’s a safe and reliable way to get around campus!
  8. Greek Life: If you haven’t found your niche around campus, you may want to consider a Fraternity or Sorority!
  9. Orange Tree Tunnel: It’s a nice route to get to where you need to be, not to mention that it can also be a romantic spot for you love birds.
  10. Bear Down Fridays: These are an amazing time to show school spirit. Every Friday before a football game, the band and mascots get together to pump us all up with school spirit!
  11. Union Shape: The structure of the Student Union Memorial Center, also known as SUMC, represents the U.S.S. Arizona Battleship.
  12. Zona Zoo: Did you know that we have the biggest student section in the PAC 12 and second biggest in the nation?
  13. Biosphere 2: It’s one of the world’s most unique facilities dedicated to the research and understanding of global scientific issues.
  14. Pride of Arizona: Because of the hard work and dedication of students and staff, the University of Arizona’s band has built a reputation for being one of the finest athletic band of its kind in the country!
  15. Mall: What other campus has a mall? Although it isn’t the mall that we all love going to, it fills our trips from class to class with beautiful scenery. Mall
  16. Sunsets: Because of the amazing weather, amazing sunsets are also produced. One helpful co-worker shared his secret –  he  loves to watch sunsets from the top of the Student Union. Something romantic and de-stressing!
  17. Bike Valet: Free for students with an easy registration. Leave your bike in a safe and secure place from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm.
  18. Campus Rec: It’s a great way to maintain a healthy balance in your life!
  19. Coffee, coffee, COFFEE: How great is it to have Starbucks in the Union? Not a fan, how about Canyon Cafe? It’s easy to become addicted to caffeine around this campus.
  20. Old Main: Did you know that the U of A is a Historic Land Mark? Because of this, it can never be torn down, just renovated like is being done now!
  21. Cactus Garden: This used to be located in front of Old Main until 1929, when it was moved to the east side of the building.
  22. Red Brick Building: Buildings in the Historic District display a record of architectural styles ranging from Territorial Queen Anne to Classical Revival, Renaissance Revival, and Spanish and Romanesque Revival. The material that ties them all together is red brick. The only building not made of red brick? The library. But you’ll notice the red brick on the ground outside.
  23. Sports: Who doesn’t love sports? Especially, because we get to show our school spirit!
  24. Student Discounts: Isn’t it great to get those discounts when you say you’re a U of A student?
  25. Solar Power Systems: U of A aims to increase the efficiency and the reliability of providing power during peak load periods.

If there’s something that you really love about the U of A and it didn’t make our list comment below for us to share with everyone else!