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#OutrageousOctober: A Shot at a New Skill

12 Nov

For #OutrageousOctober I wanted to do something totally out of my comfort zone. I figured might as well you know? What better reason would there be to do something new and exciting other than #OutrageousOctober? The only problem with this concept was finding something to actually do. It took me awhile but I eventually thought of something pretty spectacular. Well it was more of my Dad’s idea than my own.

For those of you who don’t know me well, I have a terrible fear of guns. I don’t like them. I don’t trust them. I am nowhere near interested in obtaining one. I had never even shot one. My Dad has been a police officer for over 22 years so it’s not like I wasn’t used to seeing one. I saw my Dad strap on his gun to belt every morning before work and I saw him put it in top drawer of his dresser every day after work. I wasn’t afraid of his gun, it was in its holster my whole life and I never even saw it. I thought he never even used it.

It was his idea to head to the shooting range. I have to admit I’m glad he did. He didn’t just load the gun for then let me pull the trigger. My Dad didn’t think that would be helpful with my fear. Instead we spent the first 15 minutes loading and unloading the gun. He let me use his own personal 9mm. Loading the bullet in the magazine was so hard my hands were shaking and hearing the noise of the other guns being shot next to me made me nervous. My adrenaline was pumping. My Dad had to talk me through the steps so that I could focus. Put the safety on. Release the magazine. Load the magazine. Load the gun. Take the safety off. Pull back the slide. Take a breath. Pull the trigger.

The first shot was rough. It was loud. The gun was powerful and I shot was too far to the right but after a couple more shots I got used to it and my aim wasn’t all that bad. My Dad was really proud. At one point he made a shot in the head of the target and then told me to shoot right next to his, I did. Twice. He wanted me to take a picture holding the Target after like it was my high school diploma or something. I didn’t. I did a lot better than I thought I would have. My Dad and I already have plans to go back. It was an overall good experience for me and I’m glad I got to have this experience with my Dad.

Here’s a picture of my Target. I didn’t take one posing with it but I had to still capture the memory some how. See? I did pretty well for my time shooting.

IMG_1548 (1)