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Take a Study Break

12 Dec

The finals season is one of the hardest parts of the semester. This is a time when everyone is stressed beyond belief and running on fumes. This is why study breaks are so important. It is necessary to your well being to eat well, get an adequate amount of sleep (a minimum of 6 hours), get some exercise, and have some fun! Here are some study break ideas to help relieve some stress and get you ready for finals.

1. Take a Nap

Naps can be a great way to break up study sessions and give your mind a rest. Just be sure to limit your naps to 45 minutes by setting an alarm or asking a roommate to wake you up. If you don’t, you might hit a rut and decide to sleep through some much needed studying time. kitty

2. Treat Yo’ Self

It’s always nice to reward yourself with a healthy or not-so-healthy snack after a long study session. As we all know, food becomes energy, so snack it up!



3. Walk it Off

Sometimes life just knocks you down with all of its demands of exams, essays, and presentations. So what you have to do is just walk it off and clear your head.


4. Create Something

Working with your hands can help release all the pent-up feelings and tension. Try doodling, painting, knitting, or even cooking. Doing something completely unrelated to studying and physical activity can have very positive outcomes.



5. Work it Out!

Utilize your resources by going to the Rec and getting your sweat on! Get your heart rate up and go for a run or, if you’re too lazy to get dressed and go outside, do some quick indoor exercises like squats during commercial breaks and some push-ups every time there is a holiday commercial on TV.



6. Therapy Animals

Petting furry animals like dogs, cats, and guinea pigs improves your emotional health and warms your heart. For people that don’t have pets, go to a pet store and ask to hold some of their animals.


7. Karaoke Time!

Have a jam out session! Sing at the top of your lungs and dance it out.


8. Laughter is the Best Remedy

Laughing relieves stress and puts you in a better mood. Watch a funny movie or youtube video. Go on tumblr or 9gag and gets some laughs in. Here are some gifs to get you started:






Hope these tips help, and good luck on finals!