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#NovembertoRemember: Riding Off Into the Sunset

24 Nov

Recently, my mom was able to come all the way from Florida to visit me and it was fantastic! We did all sorts of cool things and one of them was horseback riding. This particular ride was a sunset trail ride at Pantano Riding Stables and my mom was extremely excited to get to ride again after a 5 year hiatus. Riding was one of her favorite pastimes in college, so she was more than ready to literally get back on the horse. I, on the other hand, was not.


As I’m sure you know, horses are huge animals. They tend to weigh at least 1,000 pounds and even though they’re domestic animals, they have minds and personalities of their own. Since I am a novice, I got to ride at the beginning of the party right next to the wrangler (the person who leads the trail ride and is there to prevent disaster). I hadn’t been saddled up for even 5 minutes when my equine companion, Annie, decided to start eating. Apparently, this ticked off a member of her herd who proceeded to neigh in annoyance and attempt to bite her. Needless to say, I was terrified, but luckily they got over whatever was bothering them and the ride began.


Our trail wound through a couple miles of the Pantano Wash, and the desert scenery was absolutely gorgeous. We rode to the top of a small hill to see the sunset and our view was such that the sun went down directly between two mountains. After that, we had to come back down. It was a little bit scary because the slope was really rocky, but Annie pulled through and we both got back to the stables safely. All in all, it was a fantastic experience and I look forward to doing it again soon.

Hope that you also have a November to Remember!