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Wildcat Tradition: Spring Fling!

3 Apr

The sun is shining bright, the flowers are blooming, and the sweet smell of summertime is in the air. All this change can only mean one thing: SPRING FLING IS HERE!

For all you new kitties out there and even more mature cats who have not yet experienced this, Spring Fling is 3 days filled with rides, food, excitement, and pure Wildcat awesomeness! Whether you’re there for the rides and thrills or to get your grub on, we guarantee you’ll have an epic time!


But how did a carnival end up on Wildcat turf?

It all started in 1974. The Associated Students of the University of Arizona (aka ASUA) decided that the UA needed a creative way for clubs to fundraise! Thanks to that brilliant thinking, Spring Fling has developed as a prime fundraising opportunity for clubs and organizations on campus. Talk about combining fun and business!

Now, Spring Fling is the largest student-run carnival in the nation and 7th largest event in Tucson. Over 25,000 people attend it!


All this magic just doesn’t happen over night. Nine student directors are hard at work year-round to plan all the details. Talk about commitment! There are also numerous volunteers who help before, during, and after the event. So all Wildcats are on board with this one!

If you’re looking for some fun right on campus, don’t miss out on Spring Fling! With over 35 rides, 20 different food booths, and awesome music from the band Small Pools… this event is one you won’t want to miss!

Spring Fling Hours of Operation:

April 10: 4-11pm*

April 11: 11a-11pm*

April 12: 11a-6pm*

* Admission closes 1 hour prior to carnival closure.

– Lucero

Fununteer: Is that a thing?

19 Feb

Think about volunteering and giving back to the community. What do you picture? Maybe a hot Tucson day picking out weeds at a local park or cleansing the streets of Tucson from the littering habits of careless individuals. Yes, these are very common volunteer options, but what if these ‘typical’ volunteer activities weren’t the only way? What if there were fun ways to volunteer? Call me crazy, but having fun while still giving back to the community doesn’t sound like a bad thing at all!

So what are some of these magic ways to volunteer? Well, they’re endless – but here’s  a few ideas to get you started.

1. Hospitals

Volunteering at hospitals can be a fun experience! If you’re into the healthcare scene, this is a great opportunity for you to get hands-on experience with all the intricacies of hospital settings. Maybe the hospital system isn’t what you’re into and you’re looking for more interactive volunteering. This is still a great environment for that too! Some volunteering may include direct interaction with the patients. Whether you chat it up with patients, read to them, or put on a program for their entertainment, you can still have those meaningful interactions in a hospital! If you want more information from a local hospital check out: Diamond Children’s or The University of Arizona Medical Center as both are conveniently located close to campus. 

2. Animal Shelters

So maybe people aren’t your number one choice for species. How about animals? Animal shelters are great places to volunteer if you’re an animal lover! This opportunity might involve a bit more preparation than other volunteering since you might undergo some training, but at the end of the day you could catch the attention of the cutest pup at the shelter! I don’t know about you, but playing with the animals sounds way better than cleaning streets! Keep in mind you’ll likely also help out with cleaning kennels, so trash might sound better after all…

Check out the Humane Society of Southern Arizona or Pima Animal Care Center for more information about volunteering.

3. Community Gardens

Let’s say by this point you discover a moving, breathing thing might not be your cup of tea. Maybe something less active to interact with is for you… how about plants? Tucson has a few community gardens which allow you to plant and care for your very own plants. This is a great way not only to lead a more  sustainable and green-friendly life, but you can actually donate the food you grow to community food banks or other organizations that give back to those in need. The UA actually has its own community garden around campus and the city of Tucson provides many opportunities for community gardening.

4. Working with Children

When looking for real fun look no further than the experts in fun: KIDS! What better volunteer work than playing and interacting with little ones? Tucson has a multitude of programs and organizations that are looking for volunteers to help out with children! From Casa de los Niños to Big Brothers Big Sisters, volunteering with children is a fun learning experience that allows you to build interpersonal skills, expand your creativity levels, and let your imagination run wild and free as a kid’s!

The number of volunteer opportunities that aren’t your typical clean-up style options are endless! The beauty about volunteering is that there are so many ways you can make a difference in someone’s life. As with most things, it’s about having an open mind and seeking those opportunities! Here are some good websites to check out to find volunteer options: VolunteerUA or VolunteerMatch.

Happy volunteering!

– Lucero

Tame those Beastly Nerves

25 Aug

Here they come. Those nerves. The beastly nerves. One week before classes start and you start to feel the butterflies that are quickly turning your stomach around. How can it be you ask? Simple. Classes are coming and well I am sorry to inform you my friend, but you got the nerves. Know that you are not alone. A good chunk of students experience some form of discomfort before classes start. Whether the discomfort takes form in over excitement, nervousness,or sleepiness (for some of you) there are always ways to tame those negative feelings.sleepyAlright in order to tame the beast you must know what the beast is.

Ask yourself: what is your beast?


kitty Personally, my beast takes form in nervousness. It is not a  beast of an issue, but it does well in keeping me preoccupied mentally a couple of days prior to the start of classes.

There is no wrong way to tame this beast. There is, however, my way. This may work for you or it may not.

A massive contributor to my nervousness comes from the idea of not being well prepared for the first day. This definitely has the ability to make or break my mood when it comes down to my outlook of the beginning of the semester. This, also, is a quick fix. How do you fix being under prepared or poorly prepared? Simple: prepare adequately! And how do I prepare adequately you ask? Simple again: I reference my syllabi and professors’ emails. Most of the time these sources will provide me with an idea of what you need for the class whether it is a textbook or calculator.

Also, buying the necessary materials is crucial before school starts for two reasons: 1) being prepared with notebooks, pencils, and the like and 2) there is still things left for sale. From prior experience, it seems that after school starts everyone is out to buy materials. Now in terms of textbooks, you will have a list of required as well as recommended books under your booklist tab on UAccess. Use this resource. It is very helpful and you can even go buy the textbooks even before classes start officially.

So I am prepared now…no more nerves right? Wrong. I still feel myself nervous about the teacher. What will he/she be like? How will they teach? What will they think of me?!


I think to myself calm down. This too is an easy fix. A couple of things can be done to tame this issue. First possibility: contact the professor directly and see what she/he is all about. Introduce yourself and let them know what you are all about, in a professional manner of course. Do not want to make that move? No worries. Ask around. Talk to previous students, former TAs or preceptors, any one who can get you the details on this professor of yours. Do your research!

Ok, so two things out of the way. I am cool now right? Almost, but not quite. Last thing to take care of: knowing where my classes are. Once again, I know this has an easy fix, but my nervous system will not cool off. For some reason, it insists on making my life more intense than it needs to be. Anyways, two possible fixes to this problem: map out the locations before your first day of classes or carry a handy dandy map with you. I know that during orientation everyone received a calendar with a map on the back, make use of it! Knowing the locations of every class helps me feel less stressed about the possibility of getting to class late or getting lost.


That is my beast my friends and some ways I try to annihilate it! Whatever your beast is learn from it and do not let it get to you. With that said, happy first day of classes! BEAR DOWN.



Lucero Pesqueira



Major Change Reporting for Duty!

23 Apr

Whether you came into college with a major picked out already, or thought you’d find one along the way, choosing a major and sticking to it is a huge anxiety for many students. Worse, after you choose a major, you may decide it’s not right for you. What do you do then?

Well, for too many students, step one means freaking out and talking yourself out of it. I mean, you’ve already put in so much work! How can you possibly throw all that away even if you hate your major classes and dread going? I’ll tell you how. Take a deep breath, follow your heart, and take the leap!

See, here was my strange journey. My freshman year, I started out with a history major and an adolescence, community, and education (ACE) minor. Then, my sophomore year, I added an English major. Second semester, I dropped my ACE minor. Junior year, I dropped my history major down to a minor, and added my ACE minor back. Only to drop that poor ACE minor once again. It was a bit of a juggling act, but all accomplished with absolutely zero waste! In just a few weeks, I’ll be graduating with an English major and history minor, on time and with just the right amount of classes to graduate.

That’s the trick to changing your major – look at your requirements and see what carries over. Best of all, there’s a handy tool called the What-If Report to do all that thinkin’ for you!

Introducing the What-If Report!

Introducing the What-If Report!

While your major change may not be as clean as mine, don’t let a few unnecessary classes that you took keep you from pursuing the major you want! Seriously, if you think throwing away an entire semester of classes is bad, think about how much worse staying in your unwanted major is. You spend four years and who knows how much money pursuing a degree for a career you don’t even want any more.

So, would you rather spend a bit of extra time in school because you changed your major, or spend your whole life in a job that makes you miserable?! Okay, so that last part may seem a bit dramatic, and maybe it is. But it’s not far off – that could happen. And changing your major and having a ton of classes become useless is a worst-case scenario. Chances are that your transition into a new field of study could be easy as pie!



Time to Tie Ties

7 Apr

The time has come for all you Wildcats out there to learn the most important part of any “suit up” situation: The tie. Even if you already know how to tie a tie this blog can be a great reference to look over. After I show you my favorite tie knot (The Half-Windsor) I’ll ALSO show you how to tie a Bow-Tie. Yes, I said “tie a bowtie,” not, “clip on a bowtie.”


The Half-Windsor

Start with the wide end of your necktie on the right and the narrow end on the left. The narrow end should be at the tip of your sternum and the wide end should hang around your hip.


Cross the wide end over the narrow end.


Bring the wide end around behind the narrow end


Bring the wide end up and tuck it in to the loop (like your tucking a napkin in to your shirt) then pull it over to the right


Bring the wide end around front, over the narrow end from right to left.


Bring the wide end up and through the loop (The reverse of tucking a napkin in your shirt).


Bring the wide end down through the knot in front


And — using both hands — tighten the knot carefully and draw it up to the collar.



The Bow Tie

Drape the bow tie around your neck so that left side is slightly longer than the right


Cross the longer end over the shorter end.


Pass the longer end up through the loop, forming a simple, loose overhand knot.


Pull the dangling end to the left and then fold it back over itself to the right.


Drop the raised end of the tie over the front of the bow.



Feed the middle of the dangling end back through the knot you made earlier. (This is the part I had the most trouble with while learning- take your time!)

IMG_2009 IMG_2010IMG_2012


Tighten the bow by pulling on opposite sides and halves simultaneously.




Staying Focused!

2 Apr

WC 3 31 Header


Only a couple more weeks until the end of the semester! Be sure to stay focused on what’s ahead so that we can finish this semester strong! Click the picture to see this week’s edition of Wildcat Connections!

Fall 2014 and BEYOND!!!

25 Mar

Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 8.45.47 AM

Here it is! Our first Wildcat Connections edition after a wonderful and much needed Spring Break vacation. We hope that you enjoyed every minute of it! Let’s start this new week off with a Big Bang – see what we did there ;)? Click the pic and begin your planning for your academic future at the UA!


Shopping Spree on the Mall

24 Mar

When you mention to people that we have a “Mall” on campus, they might automatically think…




Now it’s at that point you have to explain that our “Mall” looks like this:


Disappointing? Not to a Resource Shopaholic! Our Mall is the premiere destination to get everything that you want and need to be successful at UA! We’ve compiled pictures of the best “stores” for the resource savvy student! Here’s what you’ll find as you walk down the mall…

The Nugent Building – Where you go when you need to know!


In the basement, you will find Academic Success and Achievement, which includes programs like Arizona Assurance, Prodigy, SSS/TRiO, Pathway to Academic Student Success, and your Outreach Facilitators!

You will also find the Dean of Students Office, Asian Pacific American Student Affairs ,and Native American Student Affairs.

The Student Union Memorial Center


In addition to a great place to get your grub on, the union also houses ASUA, Career Services, and Leadership Programs.

The Administration Building


This is where you want to go if you have questions about financial aid or loans, and you also can drop off Add/Drop forms here.

Bear Down Gym


Apart from hearing Ambassadors sing Bear Down and telling the story of John Button Salmon, you can also find the THINK TANK and Scholarship Universe.

The Manuel Pacheco Integrated Learning Center (ILC)


Apart from being an excellent place to study, students can also use the Multimedia Zone.

The Main Library

With equipment lending, you can literally throw laptops, iPads, calculators, and more into your shopping bag (but you do have to give it back)! There are also study spaces and computers that you can reserve and use if you want a quiet place to study.

When you walk out of the library, you will find this gem…


Don’t be afraid to touch the butt.

– Vero