#StudiousSeptember: Cheaper, Faster Meals During a Busy Schedule

6 Oct

After checking my bank account, I noticed that I have been spending way too much money on food. This can be attributed to the fact that I am more involved in school, I work, and of course, at this time of the semester, I have been swamped with studying for all of my exams. I’m hardly at home to be able to cook meals for myself and have resorted to takeout or fast food, which is not the healthiest of choices. As a result, I have noticed a change in my energy levels and overall physical health.

My challenge for #StudiousSeptember was to learn another way to prepare meals quicker, and within my budget. A friend suggested that I learn to make meals using a crockpot. All you have to do is prep the ingredients, put it in the pot, and leave it on “low” overnight, or even before leaving for school. This was perfect because it does not require very much attention, and it gives me a chance to finally use the crockpot collecting dust in my cabinet. Also, lately, I have been craving this creamy chicken I had when I had dinner with my roommate’s family, so I decided to look up some recipes online.

I stumbled across this “Creamy Mushroom Italian Chicken” recipe (quite a mouthful, I know!) that had positive reviews, so I  decided to try it out. I’m glad I did because it was delicious!


The ingredients for this recipe called for chicken breast (I chose breast tenders because the meat is moist), sliced mushrooms, a packet of Italian dressing, a can of Cream of Chicken, one pouch of cream cheese, and 1/3 cup of water.
Ingredients in Pot


Place the chicken on the bottom of the pot. Mix the Italian dressing with the water. After pouring the dressing mixture over the top of the chicken, the mushrooms can go on the top.

Crockpot Low


The setting of the crockpot should be at low. After 3 hours, mix the cream cheese and cream of chicken together before folding it together. Your meal should be done after another 1-3 hours.

Finished Product

Voila. It can be served over rice or noodles.

I definitely encourage you to try out the recipe for yourself. It’s worth trying to find alternative ways to prepare your meals, especially when you are on a college budget. Chick-fil-a and Panda Express can only take you so far and it’s best to keep in mind that a happy body makes you happier when studying. Cheers to #StudiousSeptember!



Check-up for Success

12 Sep

Coming to college can be overwhelming you may feel like you are getting lost in the crowd. It’s the fourth week and maybe you’re starting to see people at the university getting settled  into their majors. And if you’re a student without a major, it can sometimes feel like you’re getting left behind. I came into the University of Arizona knowing that I had tons of exciting opportunities…and having no idea where to start. Finding the right path for you can be intimidating, but here’s a check-up for your new semester. (And, if you couldn’t already tell, I’m going to be using a bit of medical humor because I love Grey’s Anatomy.)


Step One: Check Vitals

Evaluate yourself! Ask yourself, “what do I like, where do I see myself?” Make a list of your interests and focus on yourself.  So many people sign up for classes that their friends or family want them to be in. It is VITAL that you choose class and clubs that interest you, and only you.



Step Two:  Explain your Symptoms

It’s important that you talk to someone about what you are feeling and thinking. Sometimes it’s difficult to talk to parents and friends because they might not have all the answers that you need. Just like you wouldn’t ask a dentist about your chest pains, you might not want to ask your family and friends about your academics. This is where academic advisors come in – they’re your cardiologists (at least for this metaphor – please don’t go to your academic advisor in the case of a cardiac event). They are a great resource to get you going down the right path. If you have any questions about what major to join, what jobs coordinate with a major, or what classes to take, advisors have all the answers. It is always important to have your questions symptoms heard in order to get all the help that you need.



Step Three: Clinical Trial  

Now it’s time to see if all the information that you have gathered and narrowed down works, test it out. Go for a major that interests you and that you feel confident about. Take classes that put you on the right path and talk to professors about the class or the major itself. There is no harm in a little extra data, so join clubs and volunteer in the field that interest you.


Step Four: Follow Up

Clinical Trials do not always go the way we want them to, so sometimes we need to change them. If you find from “analyzing your data” that the major you picked isn’t for you, it’s ok to change. Don’t tie yourself down to a major that you aren’t passionate about. Because if you think a wasted semester is bad, think about a wasted four years. If you have an inkling that things aren’t what you want, it’s much easier to fix that now than after you have a degree and wish you had followed a different passion. So, if things don’t feel just right, go back and talk to your advisor. You might need to rewrite your list of interests and find what speaks to you. Trust your instincts and start exploring new majors


If you take anything away from this, please know that it’s ok to not be completely certain of what’s to come. Put yourself out there and enjoy the time that you have in college. Now I’m not saying that you should just blow off choosing your major, I’m saying that it’s important to take the time to find yourself and the things that you are most passionate about. Follow your instincts and don’t force finding your passion. Sometimes you will find it in the most unexpected ways. Have fun, explore what you love, and don’t be afraid to get a check-up. Sometimes you need a professional opinion!




When Will My Reflection Show?

4 Sep

Graduating high school and moving forward into your freshman year in college can be scary, but also full of great opportunities to leave your comfort zone and discover new things about yourself. Whether it be acing a challenging course or creating a new circle of friends, you may come to find that the person you were in high school is just waiting to blossom into a new identity tailored to a promising college lifestyle. 


Let’s take a step back and do some self-analyzing. What type of person do you believe you were in high school? Were you a part of a sports team? Did you sing in choir, or act in a drama club? Were the people who you surrounded yourself with similar to you, or different? Personally, I was in my school’s marching band for two years, and made the majority of my friends throughout countless rehearsals and performances during football games and competitions. I loved it so much that before I knew it, I was contacting the band director of the Pride of Arizona at the end of my senior year. It wasn’t until after my potential section leader had emailed me all the paperwork and sheet music that I decided that I didn’t want to join the Pride of Arizona after all (it’s nothing personal, because the Pride of Arizona is amazing). I figured that my freshman year was the time to explore another side of myself and see what potential I had in other areas that I was interested in. But where was I going to start?


Thanks to the vast variety of courses that are offered at UA, I could explore my interests in new subjects while earning a grade for it at the same time! Your academic advisor is your best friend in college; they oversee your academic progress and where you’re at in meeting the requirements for your major, so they will always know how to point you in the right direction. Take the time to explore all the courses that meet your general education requirements, and pick the ones that immediately catch your attention. Normally I wasn’t too interested in any subject history related, but I found an anthropology course on UAccess that struck my interest and added it to my class schedule. I ended up absolutely loving that class and realized that minoring in anthropology wouldn’t be such a terrible idea. Of course, I did take classes that I knew I would be interested in, but this little epiphany was enough to wake me up and feed my desire to branch out even more.

Now if you’d rather get involved with something that isn’t so academic, may I suggest seeking out a club or organization to join? From Greek life to ZonaZoo, getting involved with life on campus is an excellent way to meet new people, and embrace that Wildcat spirit that we all hold dear to our hearts. The organization that I happened to stumble upon allowed me to reconnect with my Native culture and discover things that I never knew about my family. The Native American Student Affairs immediately encouraged me to get involved and get acquainted with other fellow Native American students. I became even  prouder of my culture than I already was, and realized that I would like to pursue a career that would help my people in one way or another. Being a part of something bigger than yourself can make you feel strong, invincible, and ready to take on the world!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not necessarily telling you to completely abandon who you currently are and become a new you overnight. As cheesy as it may sound, be proud of who you are! Use college as a way to amplify your personality, not drown it out. And along the way, discover new faces of your identity as you take on new courses, create new friendships, and get involved in extra curricular activities like you never have before!

You will all do beautifully, and welcome to the University of Arizona.



Keeping You Connected to Summer

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Shopping Spree on the Mall

24 Mar

When you mention to people that we have a “Mall” on campus, they might automatically think…




Now it’s at that point you have to explain that our “Mall” looks like this:


Disappointing? Not to a Resource Shopaholic! Our Mall is the premiere destination to get everything that you want and need to be successful at UA! We’ve compiled pictures of the best “stores” for the resource savvy student! Here’s what you’ll find as you walk down the mall…

The Nugent Building – Where you go when you need to know!


In the basement, you will find Academic Success and Achievement, which includes programs like Arizona Assurance, Prodigy, SSS/TRiO, Pathway to Academic Student Success, and your Outreach Facilitators!

You will also find the Dean of Students Office, Asian Pacific American Student Affairs ,and Native American Student Affairs.

The Student Union Memorial Center


In addition to a great place to get your grub on, the union also houses ASUA, Career Services, and Leadership Programs.

The Administration Building


This is where you want to go if you have questions about financial aid or loans, and you also can drop off Add/Drop forms here.

Bear Down Gym


Apart from hearing Ambassadors sing Bear Down and telling the story of John Button Salmon, you can also find the THINK TANK and Scholarship Universe.

The Manuel Pacheco Integrated Learning Center (ILC)


Apart from being an excellent place to study, students can also use the Multimedia Zone.

The Main Library

With equipment lending, you can literally throw laptops, iPads, calculators, and more into your shopping bag (but you do have to give it back)! There are also study spaces and computers that you can reserve and use if you want a quiet place to study.

When you walk out of the library, you will find this gem…


Don’t be afraid to touch the butt.

– Vero


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